Helping overwhelmed parents learn to help their coeliac child

If your child has been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, it's a huge shock.

The only way to help your child is to get them onto a gluten free diet once officially diagnosed.

But where do you start?

You might be lucky and get some leaflets.  But where do you go for advice & help? The internet, Google or Facebook groups?  So many of the Facebook groups are focused on helping adults.

My child was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2018.  A total shock.  

I learnt fast as I wanted to help my child get better quickly

There's much to learn in the beginning; what to look for, how to read labels, cross contamination

You shouldn't have to search for information when you need it quickly

The information should be in ONE place, with everything you need to know at the very start.

How my book can help you

It takes you through what you need to know from the very beginning, quickly & easily

For you to know you aren't alone, that other mums are in exactly the same position

My book helps ease your stress & overwhelm of finding everything out

It makes life easier for you with simple steps from;

  • What does a gluten free diet mean
  • How to check your kitchen essentials
  • What to look for on a label
  • Questions to consider when eating out
  • How to manage cross contamination

I know, because I've had to do it too.  You need to have;

  • Easy and clear advice to help your child
  • Helping to reduce your worries, fear and overwhelm
  • Simple & clear steps to help you start the right way

That's what my book does.  Helps you easily understand what you need to do.

Like sitting around your kitchen table with a cup of tea!