The Coeliac Mum's Club

Helping support mums (and dad's!)

Sometimes, it all just comes together, when you least expect it to.  When you're under the kind of pressure where its sink or swim.

That's pretty much how it feels when your child is diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Where do you turn to and how are you going to manage?

I've written the books, have an online course & they're all doing their job.  Helping parents and kids to learn quickly and easily when they are diagnosed.  But what about afterwards?  When you need help as you go along?  Because it's a bit lonely being the parent of a coeliac child.

I think I found a solution!!

Us mums need support too, a way to make new friendships for ourselves and for our coeliac kids.  Others that understand what we are going through.  Because it's lonely and frustrating. You might find someone in your area, make new friends, create new relationships but importantly, others that just get it. 

Because that's key!  

Whilst we love our friends & family, if they don't have a coeliac child, they don't understand the constant pressure we're under as mums. They try, don't get me wrong, but they don't just 'get' it.  The pressure is always there, at the back of our minds, watching and mindful of cross contamination.


So I introduce the 'Coeliac Mums Club'

The Coeliac Mums Club is a monthly membership that will grow and adapt as I find out what we want to achieve from it together.  There's a private Facebook for support & sharing information.  


The monthly Zoom calls are the key part of the group.  Suddenly you're talking with mums that just get it.  They understand what you're saying without any explaining.  That's what I've found.  It's about building friendships, maybe finding someone in your own local area, finding out a cafe is gluten free & safe.  You can submit questions, join for a chat & I'll get guest speakers in too going forward.  If there's a particular subject to cover, then we'll do that too.

In the private group we've information going in on how to complete an IHCP, what info you need to know and support from everyone.  That's the key central part.


These are being re-thought.  I've got too much going on in the background to do this at present too.  Videos will be created & uploaded, but live bakealongs are on hold at present.  Might not happen until 2024.

It's all new, I'm finding what works, what doesn't.  The monthly online meet ups definitely work.  It's great to be part of a group where everybody just gets you.  They'll be teething troubles in the early months - like anything - but it'll adapt as it progresses to finding the right tech to get it sorted.

Monthly fee - £12.99

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Have you got my book to help parents in the early days?  No?  Then purchase it here to help you find your feet quickly and easily or I've both books in a bundle direct from me for £27.50 - click here, I'll even sign them!

For coeliac children there's my Coeliac Survival Guide, ages 4-12yrs to help them learn in a fun and easy way what they need to know to help keep themselves safe.  How to tell their friends, know what to eat and why they need to say 'no'.  It's about making them confident for themselves.  Grab their copy here 

Watch out for updates on Instagram & Facebook.

I can't wait to get started & look forward to meeting you soon.