The Ultimate Natural Health Guide for Dogs

Have a pooch prone to accidents, scratches or ugh... dreaded fleas? This guide shows you how to treat minor ailments naturally — starting today! 


Jo Baker

Hi there! I'm Jo, the owner of Collar Club, an all natural and sustainable subscription box for dogs.

After working in ethics and sustainability for 8 years, I wanted to start my own venture focused on these core principles and my personal passion...dogs!  

Following the arrival of my collie Winston I started researching natural remedies, nutrition and products & wanted a way to be able to share the amazing brands that I had found. Collar Club is a great way for me to share these with customers who want a more natural life for their dog.

Alongside Collar Club, I have Winston to look after. Prone to accidents from rummaging in undergrowth and running everywhere at 100 miles an hour, I started looking for natural ways to deal with minor cuts and scrapes and then extended this into research around other natural care methods. This guide is a culmination of my research and personal experience. Enjoy!