How Our Weight Loss Coloring Chart Keeps You Motivated

Set Your Goal

What's your ideal weight?

Whether you have 50 or 350 pounds to lose, our weight loss coloring chart allows you to define how much weight you want to lose.

Determine Your Why

What's your motivation?

By clearly writing down why your weight loss goal is important to you, you'll remind yourself why you keep fighting to lose weight. 

Treat Yo' Self!

How will you reward yourself?

Brainstorm some awesome, non-food rewards for yourself and at which milestones you'll receive those rewards. By working towards a tangible reward, you'll stay motivated to keep with your healthy lifestyle.

About The Creator

Nicky Bicksler

Nicky was just like you. Obese, tired of being tired, sick of being sick. She began the weight loss surgery process in November of 2017, and had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy on June 18, 2018. Through adapting new habits with emotional eating, exercise, sleep and managing stress, she's lost over 235 pounds. Now, she's passionate about helping other women make the permanent lifestyle changes necessary to be successful with weight loss surgery. 

How Nicky Used a Weight Loss Coloring Chart to Help Her Lose Weight