From the Creator of the Highly Acclaimed Series Danielle The Girl From NY.

To help combat Wealth Inequality we are proud to announce Danielle the Girl From New York’s Annual Coloring Contest is starting to accept entries JULY 31, 2021

First Prize $100

Second Prize $50

Third Prize $25

Winners will be announced October 1, 2021

Come take a ride today? Leave your email and I'll  send you the rules and more information about the contest. Make sure you order you copy so you can get started.

The cover of this book is so cute and very attractive. I liked how the story behind the book teaches young readers examples of how they can earn money at a young age, how they can give a tithe, and multiply it through investments. It is a must-read!.”

5 Stars Goodreads Review by 
May 12, 2021

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