Are you ready to organize your MIND & make better use of your time?

Download this tracker to create more structure in your day, in a systemized way.

Did you know...?

The more organized you are, the more positively your brain reacts. This can mean that you’ll feel a lot happier, more relaxed and at ease. 

Meaning, when you spend a little time using "Color you LIFE" you can:

-Boost productivity
-Set new goals
-Make more time for things you enjoy
-Balance your 9-5 and side hustle without overwhelm
-Eliminate confusion & self doubt regarding how to use your time

Color your LIFE is for you if you want to...

Enjoy working efficiently in your life and business.

Desire a more streamlined approach to your week and life.

Want a plan for tackling your laundry, meal planning and household tasks while also having time to enjoy your hobbies and personal passion projects.

Have multiple types of tasks you want to spend time on every week.

Benefit from having a system for your side hustle and plan for income producing activities.

Want time for yourself (self care, movement, mindfulness) integrated into your week.

Enjoying opening your fridge with a plan of what you will eat for that day and the next.

Appreciate prioritization for your own needs so you can show up as your best self.

Want to spend more time doing the activities you "get to" focus on.

Create or improve healthy boundaries between work and fun.

Color your LIFE is not for you if you...

Believe winging it is the only way.

Desire to only react and not be proactive.

Enjoy living with the "have to" and "should do" activities throughout your week.

Eating when hunger pains have set in and your too "exhausted" to figure out what to eat

Have only one thing to focus your time and energy on during the week.

This resource is editable so you can adapt it to fit your life as you evolve and grow! I guide you through the quick and easy process with examples of how this tool could help you continue to up-level your life, your efficiency and free time!!

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