The Complete Guide of Notifications

Master using all kinds of Notifications in your app that allows you to build the best apps in the World. You won't need to spend hours looking for more knowledge.

Complete Guide

Perfect for developer who wants to use notifications in iOS app wisely. After reading this ebook, you'll get a lot more out of your application.

About The Complete Guide of Notifications

Chapter One

Let's start with the basics of local notifications, good practices for askings for permission, how to schedule different types of notification with different content. How to respond when a notification arrives in different situations. How and when to use different triggers or sounds.

Chapter Two

In this chapter, you'll learn more advanced things about local notifications. You'll learn, for example, about changing notifications and work with scheduled notification, the limitations of notifications, or how to pass data wisely.

Chapter Three

Now that you mastered local notification and it's time for remote notifications. This chapter is about how to configure and use remote notification in development and production environments. There is also step by step guide on how to use Firebase with remote notifications.

Chapter Four

Last but not least, the chapter about Extensions. You'll learn about Content and Service Extensions, their limits, and how to use them to improve your app's user experience.

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The Complete Guide of Notifications

Everything that you need to know about notifications.

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