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Here's What You'll Find Out:

The Condo Calculator gives you a quick and simple analysis of your condo investment:

  • Break-Even Estimate
  • Maintenance Fee Estimate
  • Municipal Tax Estimate
  • Mortgage Estimate
  • Total Carrying Costs
  • Rental Income Estimate
  • Profit Estimate
  • ROI %

You can easily compare one, two or three condos. Enter the basics, the calculator does the rest! 

What people are saying about The Condo Calculator:

Samantha James

First Time Condo Investor

"I  was having serious anxiety about investing. The tool & video simplified it for me and I'm happily shopping for my first condo now. "

Bernard Dunn

Pre-Construction Buyer

"I was looking for a pre-construction condos and getting lost in all the offers. This free tool helped me narrow in and buy the best one. So happy! "

Stephanie Hart

Buying with Family

"My family has been searching for a home for a long time, after watching the video and using the free tool, we realized how to do it right and got an amazing deal. Thank you! "

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Yossi Kaplan, MBA

Veteran Toronto Realtor and Mortgage Broker, specializing in helping buyers, sellers and investors get the best deal, every time. 

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