Learn how to use style to your advantage.

Confident Style

Authority, trustworthy, and confident. The three characteristics can take you far in life. If you're lacking confidence, begin with style. Learn how you can become more confident through clothing and body language.

Cover of the Confident Style eBook.

Use style to build confidence

From learning what you should wear to be more confident, to learning about body language, Confident Style is your 45-page complete guide to developing true confidence inside and out.


Inside Confident Style

Chapter 1: How Style Affects Your Confidence

Chapter 2:
The Power of Colors

Chapter 3:
Dressing for Your Body Type

Chapter 4:
Maintain Your Clothes

Chapter 5:
Dress Above the Occasion

Chapter 6:
How to Match Patterns

Chapter 7:
Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Chapter 8:
Have a Purpose

Chapter 9:
A Fragrance Changes Everything

Chapter 10:
Body Language

David Em

David is the founder of Next Level Gents, which helps people uplevel their lifestyle. He has a background in the finance industry with a passion for style and personal development. Outside of Next Level Gents, David is a photographer and entrepreneur who loves to travel.

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