Where should I enroll?

Please Enroll only once at ANY SHRINE to be united in prayer with all Confraternity members throughout the world.

What if I have already enrolled before? 

If you have enrolled in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary previously, there is no requirement to enroll again. Enrollment is forever. 

What if my country does not have the Confraternity established yet?

You do not need to wait for a shrine from your country to become active. The important thing is to globally unite in prayer.


Our Lady of the Cape - Quebec, Canada

Our Lady of Good Help - USA (WI)

Shrine of the Immaculate Heart - USA (MI)

Blue Army Shrine - USA (NJ)

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary - USA (OR)

Shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes - USA (NY)

St. Agnas Church - USA (WI)

Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary - Guatemala

Recommend a Shrine in Argentina


The Rosary Shrine - United Kingdom

Dominican Church of the Annunciation - Malta

Recommend a Shrine in Ireland


Dominican Province - Nigeria

Dominican Province - Ghana

Recommend a Shrine in South Africa


Recommend a Shrine in Australia

Recommend a Shrine in Australia

Recommend a Shrine in New Zealand


Recommend a Shrine in the Philippines

Recommend a Shrine in India

Recommend a Shrine in Japan

Request information about establishing the Confraternity at your Shrine

Enrollment in the Confraternity is a beautiful beginning!