Handling your quarterly taxes may sound next to impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be.

One of the most common topic that comes up throughout my experience working with business owners is quarterly taxes. What are they? Do I have to pay them? How much do I pay? What happens if I don’t pay?

Many business owners I talk to have a hard time finding resources to help them answer these questions. Sure, the IRS's website exists, but it's almost like it is written in a made-up language that no one understands.

This is why I set out to create a course to share my knowledge surrounding quarterly taxes. 


Conquer Quarterly Taxes

The course for US-based business owners who want to confidently handle their quarterly taxes.

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After Conquer Quarterly Taxes, you will…


    ✔️ Understand what quarterly taxes are

    ✔️ Determine whether you need to pay quarterly

    ✔️ Calculate the amount to pay in

    ✔️ Reduce the likelihood you'll pay penalties

    ✔️ Understand how the payments apply to your annual tax filings.

    Conquer Quarterly Taxes

    Here's what's inside:

    Training Videos

    Videos lasting around 5 minutes or less where I walk you through a specific topic using layman terms so that you can easily digest the information and start utilizing it to handle your next payment.


    I use these within my business for myself and current clients. Includes walkthroughs using a sample company’s information so that you always know how much you need to pay in and have a way of easily calculating it on your own.

    Resource Library

    Resources that break the topics down and help you with decisions so that you don’t end up stuck on a certain topic. Also, a quarterly email to remind you of the tax due dates so you don't forget!

    Lifetime Access

    As long as I am hosting this course, you will have access to it through all updates, improvements, future events, and more! 


    Not only are the numbers/resources updated yearly, but I also do other updates to continuously improve the course and course materials. This includes making it more accessible for all.


    I worked with an instructional designer to create this course; however, we aren't perfect. Thus, I thrive off feedback from my learners and use that feedback to fill in any gaps or misunderstanding in the course. 

    Conquer Quarterly Taxes Course Outline:

    Module 1: "Are You Affected" - determine if you should be paying in quarterly taxes.

    Module 2: "Calculating Quarterly Taxes" - explains the different calculation method and uses a quiz to help you decide which calculation method to use and calculate the taxes owed.

    Module 3: "Payments & Penalties" - learn how to pay, when to pay, and what happens if you don't pay.

    Module 4: "Moving Forward" - discover how quarterly taxes affect your annual filings and anything else you need to know moving forward.

    BONUS Module: "Corporations" - focus on the differences only relevant to S and C Corporations.

    BONUS: "Sneaky Self Employment Taxes Training" - discusses the self employment tax that takes most business owners by surprise.

    Ready to Conquer Your Quarterly Taxes?!

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    Conquer Quarterly Taxes is for you if…

      ✔️ You are a business owner who wants to understand and follow government requirements

      ✔️ You are confused and overwhelmed when you think about quarterly taxes

      ✔️ You are new and had no idea quarterly taxes are a thing

      ✔️ You’ve been in business for a while, but you haven’t been paying in taxes or are still confused about them

      ✔️ You do not have the funds to invest in professional help 

      ✔️ You outsource this task to a professional, but still understand the importance of being informed

      You might want to skip this if…

      ❔ You are not a US taxpayer

      ❔ You are a tax professional

      ❔ You already have a solid grasp on understanding and calculating your quarterly taxes

      ❔ You are not ready or able to make the purchase, even with the payment plan - click here to check out my blog post on basic quarterly tax information!

      ❔ You feel confident with the basics of quarterly taxes, but you would love to have only the spreadsheets to help you calculate - click here to purchase the spreadsheets separately!

      Curious to see the updates?

      Click this link to go to my News & Announcements module. This module includes most of my updates, changes, and improvements along with any feedback I receive with my solution. In the cases where I don't have a solution, I'll provide guidance for how to proceed!

      CPA & Accounting Warrior

      Harley Raptor

      I set out on a quest to bring hope, knowledge, and financial reckoning to those in need. I entered battle armed with a Master’s in Accountancy and my CPA license.

      My mission is to provide expert knowledge and excellent service to everyday business owners and entrepreneurs in an accessible and approachable way.

      I pledge to always keep your best business interests at the center of my quest and to do everything in my power to help you conquer your financial goals

      What learners have said about the course:

      Every new business owner should have "Conquered Quarterly Taxes". I am preparing to make my first quarterly tax payment with full confidence that I know how to estimate and pay it.  Harley Raptor is able to reach inside the minds of uncertain small business owners like myself. She tells AND shows us WHAT we need to know in ways that anyone can understand. That is a rare skill! Especially for an accountant with a Master's degree.

      This course even explained WHERE to pay on the IRS website and gave me the link to my state's website! How thorough is that! The course includes pre-prepared Excel spreadsheets. After Harley Raptor explained how the spreadsheet worked, all I had to do was type in my specific information. My thoughts went from "OH NO! QUARTERLY TAXES!" to "EASY-PEASY!"

      The video lessons of this course are all 5 minutes or less. That means we never get overloaded with too much information at once. I would have spent many hours wading through the IRS website trying to find the TAX FORM to calculate my Estimated Quarterly Tax Payment. That information alone and the hours it saved me helped this course pay for itself!

      Susan Burton [Susan Burton Copywriting]

      Harley’s course was just what I needed to wrap my head around quarterly taxes and feel more confident about doing them myself! She breaks everything down in a really easy to understand way, and I really appreciated her walking through every single step from start to finish so that I had the full picture as well as all of the details for each component.

      I feel a million times better about doing this on a regular basis. So something that seemed really daunting to me previously, now feels like no problem with this step-by-step guidance. And I love how approachable and easygoing Harley is with teaching this whole process! While others may make it overly complicated and use tons of jargon, she makes you feel completely at ease by making the topic much more concise, giving you her insights at every turn, and going at a pace that allows you to feel comfortable rather than overwhelmed.

      Thank you so much for putting this together, Harley! I really feel so much more prepared to create a solid financial foundation for my business.

      Kristen King [Bountiful Path]

      What learners have said about the spreadsheet:

      This spreadsheet is perfect! This was a perfect opportunity for me to have a tool that guides me through the process so I could be confident mailing in my quarterly payment to the IRS instead of terrified! Also, Harley’s tutorial video that came with it was super informative and helpful to walk me through the steps!

      Jessica S.
      NOTE: This testimonial was for an older version of the spreadsheet that I used to sell separately. I have since updated and improved that spreadsheet as well as included more in the current course.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Will I have immediate access? How long will I have access?

      As soon as you purchase the course, you will have access to everything. You will also have access for as long as I keep hosting the course so you can come back to this each quarter of each year until you feel like that's unnecessary.

      How much time do I need to do this?

      You will need about an hour or so to go through the videos. Calculations will take a bit longer depending on how savvy you are with excel. The first time you are ready to calculate the estimated tax payment, it will likely take a bit longer as I'd encourage you to watch the walk-through videos for the spreadsheets as you are filling them out. Once you understand how to use the spreadsheets, you'll get it down to around 20 minutes each quarter; max.

      Will I be able to do this myself? Will things get super complicated?

      You can absolutely do this yourself. I have broken down the topics into short videos using terms that you already know. If I use a term that you may not know, I will explain it and/or provide a quick description for it in the Quick Reference Guide PDF. I am positive you will be able to handle it and I have extra resources to help make that possible for you. If anything feels overwhelming, send me an email and I can add a resource to help you/others in the course to clarify!

      What about yearly changes that occur?

      I have used PDFs and spreadsheets to address year specific information. The course will be applicable regardless of the year (unless Congress makes changes to estimated payments, which they haven't in a very long time). The PDFs and spreadsheets will be updated each year as new information is released and uploaded prior to the first quarterly tax deadline.

      What have you done to increase accessibility?

      All videos include closed captions and I provide a PDF transcript for each video as well. The PDF transcript uses the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font by the Braille Institute. I am working on creating PDF walkthroughs of the spreadsheets to help as well. Accessibility means more to me than physical impairments, which is why my payment plan is equal to the paid in full plan and give links to other options at the bottom of this sales page.

      What if I don’t have a business?

      Still applicable; though, perhaps less likely. There are still plenty of situations where you'll have to pay in quarterly without a business; however, this course does focus mostly on those who do have a business.

      What if I have a sole proprietor or single-member LLC?

      Still applicable; this course's focus is to help business owners of all entities understand quarterly taxes.

      What if I have a partnership or corporation (C or S)?

      Still applicable; this course's focus is to help business owners of all entities understand quarterly taxes. Corporations do have a few unique rules which is why there is a bonus module just for them.

      Will this course walk me through my annual filing?

      This course is designed to help you with your quarterly taxes so that you don't have to hire a tax professional to explain and/or calculate them for you. I'll always encourage business owners (or individuals with complex returns - investments, multiple states, rental properties, etc) to hire a tax professional for the annual filing; which is separate and different from quarterly taxes. 

      What is your return policy?

      Due to the nature of the product, I generally do not provide refunds; however, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please reach out to me at support@harleyraptor.com and we can come to a solution that will work for both of us.

      I have other questions!

      No worries - just reach out to me at support@harleyraptor.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Ready to Conquer Your Quarterly Taxes?!

      Conquer Quarterly Taxes not right for you?

      Check out there other options that might be better!

      Conquer Quarterly Tax Calculation Spreadsheets

      Focused on the calculation of quarterly taxes to help you determine how much to pay in.

      Includes quizzes, spreadsheets, and lesson videos with closed captions and transcripts to help you determine how much to pay each quarter!

      This is ideal if you understand quarterly taxes, but want a resources to help you calculate how much to pay in.

      Price: $180 or three payments of $60
      Included in CQT Course!

      Quarterly Tax Blog Post

      Focused on basic information to get you started. It isn't always feasible to purchase courses or other resources out the gates.

      This blog post is not designed to be an in depth overview as the other resources do that, but it is designed to help you get started.

      When you are ready & able to move forward with purchasing another option, they will be open as long as they are available and can be found at the bottom of the post..


      This course is designed for educational purposes; it does not constitute advice, does not create an accountant/client relationship, and does not substitute meeting with a professional. You should consult with a tax professional who understands your particular business and financial situation.