Handle your quarterly taxes without stress, confusion, and fear.

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Being empowered to handle your quarterly taxes sounds next to impossible.

❌ You hear people talk about quarterly taxes, but you’re not even sure if you’re supposed to pay them.

❌ You know the deadlines are coming up, but you can’t seem to figure out how much you’re supposed to pay.

❌ You start searching the IRS’s website for answers, but you’re fairly certain they are speaking a made-up language - none of this makes any sense. The guidance provided is complicated and you start feeling overwhelmed; like you’ll never figure this out.

But it doesn’t have to be.

❕❕ You’ve been able to determine your tax requirements because you know exactly what the IRS’s rules are.

❕❕ Each quarter, you quickly pay your quarterly taxes because you can calculate the amount owed without worrying about penalties.

❕❕ Your quarterly tax payments simply become another quarterly task you complete in your business without stress or fear because you’re well equipped to handle them.


Conquer Quarterly Taxes

The course for US-based business owners who want to understand quarterly taxes without the stress and fear.

After Conquer Quarterly Taxes, you will…


    ✔️ Determine whether you need to pay quarterly

    ✔️ Calculate the amount to pay in

    ✔️ Reduce the likelihood you'll pay penalties

    Conquer Quarterly Taxes

    Here's what's inside:

    Training Videos

    Videos lasting around 5 minutes or less where I walk you through a specific topic using layman terms so that you can easily digest the information and start utilizing it to handle your next payment.


    I use these within my business for myself and current clients. Includes walkthroughs using a sample company’s information so that you always know how much you need to pay in and have a way of easily calculating it on your own.

    Resource Library

    Resources that break the topics down and help you with decisions so that you don’t end up stuck on a certain topic.

    Lifetime Access

    Including yearly updated numbers so that you can come back to this course each quarter of each year and work through the calculations and lessons as needed.

    Bonus: Self Employment Tax

    A training video and spreadsheet so that you aren’t surprised when you see these taxes on your tax return and you understand what they are.

    BONUS: Corporations

    Focuses on the differences only applicable to corporations so that you can use this course regardless of your current or future stage of business.

    Conquer Quarterly Taxes Course Outline:

    Module 1: "Are You Affected" - determine if you should be paying in quarterly taxes.

    Module 2: "Calculating Quarterly Taxes" - determine which calculation method to use and calculate the taxes owed.

    Module 3: "Payments & Penalties" - learn how to pay, when to pay, and what happens if you don't pay.

    Module 4: "Moving Forward" - discover how quarterly taxes affect your annual filings and anything else you need to know.

    BONUS: "C Corporations" - focus on the differences only relevant to C Corporations.

    BONUS: "Self Employment Taxes" - discusses the self employment tax that takes most business owners by surprise.

    Ready to Conquer Your Quarterly Taxes?!

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    Conquer Quarterly Taxes is for you if…

      ✔️ You are a business owner who wants to ensure they are following government requirements

      ✔️ You are confused and overwhelmed when you think about quarterly taxes

      ✔️ You are new and had no idea quarterly taxes are a thing

      ✔️ You’ve been in business for a while, but you haven’t been paying in taxes or are still confused about them

      ✔️ You feel like you know enough about quarterly taxes, but you struggle with the calculations

      ✔️ You do not have the funds to invest in professional help 

      ✔️ You outsource this task to a professional and understand the importance of being informed

      You might want to skip this if…

      ❔ You are not a US taxpayer

      ❔ You are a tax professional

      ❔ You already have a solid grasp on understanding and calculating your quarterly taxes

      It’s time to Conquer Quarterly Taxes!

      You can finally feel at ease and empowered when it comes to your quarterly taxes. You will be able to make your payments without panicking, stressing, or worrying that the IRS will come knocking on your door.

      CPA & Accounting Warrior

      Harley Raptor

      I set out on a quest to bring hope, knowledge, and financial reckoning to those in need. I entered battle armed with a Master’s in Accountancy and my CPA license.

      My mission is to provide expert knowledge and excellent service to everyday business owners and entrepreneurs in an accessible and approachable way.

      I pledge to always keep your best business interests at the center of my quest and to do everything in my power to help you conquer your financial goals

      What clients have said about the course:

      "Harley’s course was just what I needed to wrap my head around quarterly taxes and feel more confident about doing them myself! She breaks everything down in a really easy to understand way, and I really appreciated her walking through every single step from start to finish so that I had the full picture as well as all of the details for each component.

      I feel a million times better about doing this on a regular basis.  I love how approachable and easygoing Harley is with teaching this whole process! While others may make it overly complicated and use tons of jargon, she makes you feel completely at ease by making the topic much more concise, giving you her insights at every turn, and going at a pace that allows you to feel comfortable rather than overwhelmed."

      Kristen King [Bountiful Path]

      What clients have said about working with me:

      “It was great working with Harley! She has a great personality and made things easy to understand. Harley made taxes as painless as it could be!”

      Stephanie & Zach Smith [Triple Creek Media]

      “We loved how easy it [tax preparation] was! You were super organized. We so appreciated your expertise. We felt very taken care of and knew that we were working with a true professional.

      Melissa & Charles Johnson

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Will I have immediate access? How long will I have access?

      As soon as you purchase the course, you will have access to everything. You will also have lifetime access so you can come back to this each quarter of each year until you feel like that's unnecessary.

      How much time do I need to do this?

      You will need about an hour or so to go through the videos. Calculations will take a bit longer depending on how savvy you are with excel. The first time you you are ready to calculate the estimated tax payment, it will likely take a bit longer as I'd encourage you to watch the walk-through videos for the spreadsheets as you are filling them out. Once you understand how to use the spreadsheets, you'll get it down to around 20 minutes each quarter; max.

      Will I be able to do this myself? Will things get super complicated?

      You can absolutely do this yourself. I have broken down the topics into short videos using terms that you already know. If I use a term that you may not know, I will explain it and/or provide a quick description for it in the Quick Reference Guide PDF. I am positive you will be able to handle it and I have extra resources to help make that possible for you. If anything feels overwhelming, send me an email and I can add a resource to help you/others in the course to clarify!

      What about yearly changes that occur?

      I have used PDFs and spreadsheets to address year specific information. The course will be applicable regardless of the year (unless Congress makes changes, which they haven't in a very long time). The PDFs and spreadsheets will be updated each year as new information is released and prior to the first quarterly tax deadline.

      What if I don’t have a business?

      Still applicable; though, perhaps less likely. There are still plenty of situations where you'll have to pay in quarterly without a business; however, this course does focus mostly on those who do have a business.

      What if I have a sole proprietor or single-member LLC?

      Still applicable; this course's focus is to help business owners of all entities understand quarterly taxes.

      What if I have a partnership or corporation (C or S)?

      Still applicable; this course's focus is to help business owners of all entities understand quarterly taxes. Corporations do have a few unique rules which is why there is a bonus module just for them.

      Will this course walk me through my annual filing?

      This course is designed to help you with your quarterly taxes so that you don't have to hire a tax professional to explain and/or calculate them for you. I'll always encourage business owners (or individuals with complex returns - investments, multiple states, rental properties, etc) to hire a tax professional for the annual filing; which is separate/different from quarterly taxes. 

      I have other questions!

      No worries - just reach out to me at support@harleyraptor.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      Ready to Conquer Your Quarterly Taxes?!

      This course is designed for educational purposes; it does not constitute advice, does not create an accountant/client relationship, and does not substitute meeting with a professional. You should consult with a tax professional who understands your particular business and financial situation.