Content Creation the journey.


But HOW do you get from A to B?

Or read on:

Facing the void?

The void has many faces: It can look like a deep black tunnel leading into the unknown...or simply like a blank page. And often it feels safest to do nothing, or back out.

Did you know, though, that the energy of a few couragous steps into the void would have illuminated the dark?

Switch on your light by starting simple!

>>> Content Generator

>>> Templates

No clue where you're going?

You've meticulously planned your journey: You know you are at point A and want to get to point B, and you also know how you want to get there. Pretty straightforward.

But then the fog appeared - you feel lost, and at times you wonder whether you're moving at all...

Cut out the fluff!

>>> Content Tracker plus CPP Calendar for Creation, Production and Promotion

Feeling overwhelmed or confused...

You've got gazillions of great ideas for amazing content and fantastic content upgrades and products. Congratulations!

They turn your mind into a rollercoaster of "where do I start" and "what to do next", and your file system into a mess of outlines, drafts and other unfinished stuff? I hear you...

A tiny change of mind and a very simple system will have you rolling across the Published line!

>>> Visual Idea and Content Organiser

...or bored with the same old same old?

Your know what you're doing because you've done it so many times...but the fun's turned into monotony.

Mix & match content types and formats for a fresh breeze!

>>> Content Matrix for blog posts, newsletters and content upgrades

>>> Content Cornucopia with 40+ blog post types and links to valuable examples and resources

Are you still waiting for...whenever?

You never know when the MS Inspiration might pick you up, but in the meantime there's a lot you can do.

For instance, reduce your baggage of old shoulds and have-tos and pack only those items that bring joy. Travel lightly!

>>> Infinite Organiser with Activity Tracker Worksheets

Ever hit The Wall?

Stuck sucks...

...yet actually it's nothing but our mind reallocating resources because it's preparing for a new level of perspective.

Instead of repeatedly banging your head - which won't loosen the bricks anyway - why not rest against it and recharge your creative energies?

>>> Blog Block Buster Game

Questions and no one to ask?

Just as sometimes it's necessary that we travel on our own and find our own answers, at other times we desire the company of fellow travellers.

Join a group of like-minded people where you feel comfortable and safe to ask for advice or help. Let's travel together and have some fun as well!

>>> Free membership with access to the private Content Generator Workgroup