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Conversational Writing: Engage Your Audience

Every nanosecond a new blog, book, or course is born...or so it seems. Online competition for people’s attention is fierce.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

To attract and engage an audience, your writing must be friendly and informal—like a casual conversation.

You don’t want to come across like a corporate drone...or worse, the robot from Star Wars. Do you?

Conversational writing helps you build a connection. And it’s...Easier to read. Gets your message across. Makes you memorable.

Who this course is for

Conversational Writing is geared for people who do business online. But anyone who writes content (blog posts or articles, course material, video scripts, ebooks, and emails) can benefit from the lessons.

Whether you’re a small business owner, author, consultant, coach, online teacher, or other service provider, this course will help you transform your writing. From formal to informal. From technical to user friendly. From boring to engaging. (Yay!)

Start to write conversationally

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Course outline

In these 10 simple (yet effective) lessons, you’ll learn to

1. Speak Directly to Your Reader

2. Talk Like a Human ( Not a Robot)

3. Make Your Writing Clear

4. Choose Relatable Words

5. Vary the Reading Pace

6. Make Your Writing Flow

7. Change the Flow in Your Writing

8. Break Three Writing Rules

9. Build Connection with Anecdotes

10. Share a Secret (Psst)

What students have said

“When I read something is easy and effective I wonder… how can that be? But this course met that promise!”

“Great, short lessons with tips that I can apply to my writing right away. Thanks!”

“A lot of very useable tips here with great examples and suggested exercises to make it stick.”

Start to write conversationally

Get the Free 10-day mini course (+ workbook) today