Take a co-parenting questionnaire

The goal is to build a strong co-parenting team. Old resentments can put some dings in your efforts, but it can be done. Use the questionnaire to help you determine if you are in a place to co-parent effectively.

Set boundaries and expectations

Design a schedule that will allow your child to thrive in. Children do very well when they have BOTH parents in their lives.

Hello there! I'm Daisha Renee

I'm Daisha, mama of three, lover of yoga, and  Netflix binger.

I started blogging mainly as an outlet for my depression, but since then it's become so much more. My blog, Daisha Renee, helps single moms create a meaningful and fulfilling life by providing effective solutions for single parenting. 

I've found that so many single moms struggle with balancing all the components of single motherhood. That is why my passion is to provide powerful solutions for overwhelmed single moms.


The Benefits of This Pack

  • Help you determine the best schedule for your children
  • Keep track of all children related expenses and reimbursements
  • Tips for co-parenting effectively
  • Keep track of where your children will be during the holidays and school-related breaks.
  • Track child support payments
  • Log any changes to your co-parenting agreement