There is still time to make 2020 count! Let's finish this year together on a massive wellness high, feeling STRONG, LEAN, TALL, COMMITTED, FIT and HEALTHY! 

Ready to start the New Year the best version of YOU!

1st December 2020

How would it feel to change the narrative this December? 

Instead of choosing a month of indulgence and starting the New Year feeling bloated, tired and lethargic... Join my 21 day Core Challenge and end 2020 prioritising HEALTH, WELLNESS, STRENGTH, ENERGY, POSTURE and VITALITY!

In just 21 days I will help you to find your core, strengthen it and encourage it back into action (yes that includes the pelvic floor!) so that by the end of 21 days you will be:-

Standing taller

Feeling stronger 

Looking leaner 

Confident in your body and its ability

Energised to want to move more

Motivated to want to eat better

...and by accident you will look better too!

Sounds good? 

Register your interest because spaces are limited and there are prizes available for the first bookings - you need to be on the list! 

Ps. there will be no sweaty workouts, we WILL achieve all the above in just 20 minutes a day and I will be on hand to guide you through and keep you accountable.

Your coach

HI, I'm Caroline

I am the founder of Studio Scoop, a resource for women looking to reboot their bodies and minds with exercise that will not only help them to achieve their body goals now, but will support them in the future and as their bodies change.

My methods are based around the Pilates repertoire because I have first hand experience of how effectively it can change body shapes, create long lean muscles and dramatically improve posture, strength, flexibility and confidence.

Since having my 2 children I have relied on it for rehabilitation when other forms of exercise were too demanding but more recently as a way of improving the way I look, move and also feel about my body.