Ascension Series Bundle

This is for you if you are hungry for change now!
The Ascension Series Bundle is for committed growth seekers. Get ready to accelerate your evolution, demolish mental blocks, and create a life that makes your soul sing!

The bundle includes:

  • The Empowerment Reboot Series
  • ThetaHealing®️ Basic DNA Certification
  • ThetaHealing®️ Advanced DNA Certification
  • ThetaHealing®️ Dig Deeper Certification
  • ThetaHealing®️ You & Creator Certification
  • Mastering Ascension Portal - 6-month Access
  • 1 Private Breakthrough Healing Session with Anik Malenfant

This is a very limited offer, with 20 spots available!

1-Time Payment $1,777 (regular $2,711), a savings of $934!


2 Payments of $500

You will learn all the tools you will need and receive support from me and the community in this limited edition bundle. You will learn how to break down your mental, emotional, and energetic blocks so you can effortlessly create a life of abundance, authenticity, and deep fulfillment in your purpose.

More about what the Ascension Series Bundle has to offer.

The students that have followed this roadmap in the past have experienced accelerated results, and I want that for you too! That's why I created this bundle so you could kickstart your growth and abundance into high-gear. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this limited offer as, to ensure a deep level of support, our class size is limited to 20 attendees.

This bundle is ideal for you if you are done waiting on the sidelines and are ready to accelerate your personal and professional development, spiritual  growth, and are committed to actualizing your wildest dreams!

Empowerment Reboot Series

An introduction to the power of the subconscious kickstarts your journey of self-discovery. Open yourself to release your limits and embrace your unlimited nature. Access the Empowerment Reboot 3-part program anytime.

Basic DNA Certification

Learn the basics of ThetaHealing ® and achieve your Basic DNA certification. You will learn the foundational tools and gain resources to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual development.

Advanced DNA Certification

Pick up where you left off and expand your capacity for healing and growth. Learn advanced techniques to deeply support you and your clients.

Dig Deeper Certification

Accelerate your evolution and growth as you learn to uncover and release your deepest held beliefs with ease. In this program, you will learn "digging", which will enable comfortable yet deep discovery of the patterns that hold you back.

You & the Creator 


A powerful exploration to deepen your connection with the Creator, the Divine Source Energy. Develop discernment between the Creator’s voice and your ego, between your soul’s guidance and your deepest fears.

Mastering Ascension Portal 

Enjoy a 6-month membership in a safe space to let go, heal, and expand your connection to your Divine nature.

Get all the tools and support you need to amplify your healing and personal evolution.

About Anik

Meet Anik – Healer, Speaker, Empowerment Advocate

My name’s Anik and I’m here to help you navigate your inner world to create an amazing life! My superpower is helping you hit delete on those internal stressors, unlock who you really are and craft an abundant and authentic life. We all deserve a life filled with love and authenticity, and I can help you get there…

Together we will overcome your personal challenges; I will teach you the tools you need and support your inner growth as you find your true self and manifest a life that makes your soul sing. You deserve to feel YOUnified – YOU without inner conflict, with the Universe working for you.

I’ve struggled with inner conflict, I’ve struggled with health but then I chose to break the cycle. For years I fought against domestic abuse, self-destructive behaviours and co-dependency while dealing with debilitating allergies, fibromyalgia, and depression….

I overcame these challenges in my life, rewrote the book on what I “should” do and I discovered a new way of life without the suffering and turmoil. I took back control; took charge of my life.

Now I share this knowledge to help you cut through the noise, stop wasting time and energy and finally see real progress towards your goals. Benefit from my decade of training and extensive experience as I show you the roadmap to accelerated transformation.

I guide committed growth-seekers with a grounded spiritual approach, providing the tools and support to create a fulfilling and prosperous life, both personally and professionally.

When I’m not guiding others through my programs or my community, I host the “Dream Life Mastery” radio show on the syndicated talk radio station News for the Soul Broadcasting Network (NFTS) and am an executive Contributor for an industry leading publication, Brainz Magazine. In 2022, I received a CREA Global Award in recognition for my work in mental health and development.

Whether I’m healing, educating or speaking, I love nothing more than to help you conquer your inner conflict and unlock the true you. As we heal, we bring forth love, peace and unity in the world.

This is the legacy I hope to leave behind.

So….what are you waiting for?