Corona Coupling
is a photography monograph about relationships in the age of a global pandemic.

The world sheltered in place this year, and video chats became routine. Physical separation takes a toll on relationships, but it also offers creative ways for couples to spend time together.

We humans long for connection. We miss physical touch, but we adapt.

The photographs recreate Zoom-distance relationships. You, the viewer, take the role of significant other.

The quotes throughout the book are from participants. These are reflections on what they've learned about themselves, how relationships with others (romantic or not) have improved, and why art is so meaningful.

Scroll down to download a PDF copy of the book. I hope you're encouraged, in spite of quarantines.

-Andy Boenau, Summer 2020

Corona Coupling, Volume 1 is 140 pages of photographs and quotes from people quarantined around the world. Drop your name and email below for a PDF version of the book.


My name is Andy Boenau. I use cameras, keyboards, and microphones to create propagandart to save the human race.

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