Join the most immersive event of 2020

Step into the world of Vampire: the Masquerade

Convention of Thorns

The international live experience set in the astonishing Ksiaz Castle in Poland. Interactive history, where you are the main character. No prior experience needed.

5th-8th November 2020, Książ Castle, Poland

International Meetup

Get to know people from all around the world. The event will run in English, but you don't need to speak it perfectly to attend! 

Bus from Berlin

As an additional service, we will provide a shuttle bus from the Berlin Train station for your convenience.

Newbie friendly

Never played larp before? No problem. We have designed the event that accommodates all levels of experience.

Ticket includes

    • three nights in one of three hotels located on the Książ Castle grounds (less than 200m from the game area)
    • introductory workshops on Thursday
    • three days of larp with introductory workshops and additional day-time activities
    • a set of digital documents related to the game, including a character sheet
    • four meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight buffet), including vegetarian/vegan options and other needs
    • all-day buffet with coffee and tea
    • access to most of the castle rooms and the castle park
    • a hotel room (1 to 4 beds)
    • additional entertainment during the game (such as ball, dancing lessons, live music, workshops, RPG sessions)
    • pictures and photographic portraits made by professional photographers and given to the participants in digital form
    • a professional team organizing the Event

Payment in installments available

Tickets from 630€

Only 180 spots

Tickets will be released in April 2020. Sign up to stay updated.

Reviews from previous editions

About us

Turbolarp went above and beyond to create an experience that was enjoyable for everybody! Everybody on their team was passionate about creating the best experience possible and we had a wonderful weekend - Paradox Interactive

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