ACCESS JOURNEY ONE STRAIGHT AWAY and receive two worksheets to assist you with interpreting the messages and guidance this journey has for you.

This visualisation will introduce you to the elemental energies of the NEW EARTH.  You will meet the Council of 9, the 9 beings who hold space for the 5th dimensional earth. 

You will receive initiation and blessings from the elemental energies of New Earth, clearing your channel and reconnecting you to your ELEMENTAL FLOW.

You will receive gifts and guidance as you step into these new energies and frequencies.

When you sign up to download the visualisation, you will also receive two worksheets to help you dive deeper into the messages and insights that you gain, including the symbolism and meaning of the energies and beings you meet in the journey.

The journey you receive today is JOURNEY ONE of a FIVE JOURNEY PRGORAM that I am offering for free.  The whole program will be delivered to your inbox and you will also have access to listening to them live.   Following your initial journey, you will then be receiving the following:

These journeys have helped my clients open up their psychic gifts, understand their soul purpose and step into a much deeper spiritual and psychic connection with the earth and nature.

Hi, I'm Bethan. I channeled this program of journeys to assist you to navigate this time on earth. You will receive messages and energy tools to help your spiritual practice and aligning your energy with the new energies that are raising the earth's vibration.

I am a shamanic practitioner, spiritual mentor and energy and alignment coach. I assist visionary and soul led entrepreneurs to align their energy for soul purpose impact and to fully embody their spiritual gifts. This journey particularly assists those people who have a strong spiritual connection with nature and wish to step further into nature consciousness and communicating with the wild.