Voted Best Value For Country Club Entertainer Touring America! America's Funniest Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill

A Fun thrill ride of a show filled with comedy, magic, and non-stop audience interaction. Dewayne is a new age and fresh update to the magic and country club entertainment- by performing G-rated show that will make your members feel as if they left a Vegas Showroom!

Quick Video!

"Dewayne totally swung the energy of our clubhouse! The show was a hit and had all the members talking for weeks afterwards! I would highly recommend booking him"

Stone Creek Country Club

Country Club Package Includes:


  • Night Time Stage Performance (40 to 50 minutes)
  • Complimentary - Strolling Show during cocktail hour and pre-dinner
  • Members Kid's Show - This Can be added on Saturday Afternoon (optional)
  • Dewayne will supply and print promotional materials to the Food and Beverage and Social Committee 
  • Dewayne will shoot and supply custom promo videos to hype and promote his appearance on your club for the members to get excited.
  • Dewayne will offer to perform on a golf hole that has a long back up. (optional for a member-guest or member-member event)
  • Dewayne's company comp's travel expenses and passes those saving to you as a campus. Dewayne will shoulder flight, rent-a-car (if needed) and off club site.


"For the dollar and package we got, no other entertainer has offered OR matched what Dewayne did for us"

Kelly Greens Country Club 


Quick Facts- Bio- Background


  • Dewayne started performing magic at 16 as a way to cope with bullying he received in high school.
  • Dewayne set a world record performing the most card tricks in an hour.
  • Dewayne has 20 years experience as a national touring profession entertainer.
  • In 2004, Dewayne built and developed the program "Magic With A Message" and started touring the USA school districts.
  • Dewayne has been featured on America's Got Talent
  • Dewayne is currently touring the USA filming a new Television Show he has developed called "Hidden Magic TV"

"Mr. Hill was on-time, he was easy to work with, he had all of his paperwork ready to go.  And the promo he gave us before he got to the club saved us time and had members talking about his show before he performed.

Hunters Green Country Club

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Benefits To Booking:

Time Saver #1 - Fast Paperwork

Dewayne and his booking manager has all the forms and paperwork completed for your bookkeeper and accounting.


Dewayne has performed all over the nation for dozens country clubs es and he knows how to treat your members and events as serious as you do.

Money Saver #1

Dewayne has a corporate sponsor that off-sets the flight and rental car AND lodging costs to save the campus money, regardless of his location OR the club location.

Money Saver #2

Dewayne gives you complimentary strolling show.

Time Saver #2

Dewayne supplies you with promo materials. You dont have to design and wait on rough drafts. 

Money Saver #3

Dewayne doesn't charge any upfront money.

Value Add

Dewayne will do a magic on a golf hole during special golf events.

Time Saver #3

You have direct access to talk and schedule with Dewayne and his tour calendar, no middle men Or booking agencies. 

Money Saver #3

Dewayne will be willing to agree to perform for a ticket split with the club and not require a minimum. (Inquire about details)

No Risk

No Upfront Money Required to Book the Show. Dewayne will agree to only be paid on the members and guests that appear. 

Cost: Dewayne agrees to a ticket split with the club and only gets paid per person that comes to the show.