What if you knew the exact steps to take to have your own online course in 90 days or less?

Stop thinking about creating your own course, and make it happen in 90 Days or less.

Having a course is a great way to move your business forward, impact more people in a positive way and have more consistent, higher levels of income as a coach.

For most coaches, taking the time to learn everything you need to know to plan, create, launch, and market your course can be costly and draining.

Where do you even start?

I know it can seem overwhelming and unrealistic to even consider the processes necessary to get your online course to the people who would want it.

Taking the confusion and overwhelm out of the process of creating an online course or program is exactly why I created the Accelerated Course Launch Lab and I am running it again!!

You can have your course up and running in time this summer!!

The Accelerated Course Launch Lab

Providing you with all the information, tools, guidance and support you need to create, launch and sell your COURSE or PROGRAM in 90 Days or less.

When you enroll and follow the steps in the Accelerated Course Launch Lab

  • You will have a step by step process that if you work on daily will guarantee you a course or program ready to market and fill at the end of 90 Days. Some participants have even done it sooner than 90 days.
  • You will have all the support and guidance you need to Plan your course from your Zone of Genius so that it comes from your authentic wisdom and connects deeply to your purpose.
  • You will know exactly what technology you need, how to use it and be guided painlessly through the process of using what is necessary to create your own online course.
  • You will have greater impact on the world and the people you serve in it because you will be able to support more people on their journey towards the transformation you provide for them.
  • You will be supported to learn and grow to the level of empowerment you need to launch, market, and succeed as a course creator.

The Accelerated Course Launch Lab is everything you need to be successful launching your course.

You will learn everything you need to know to Launch Your Course Including:

Planning – Production – Launching - Marketing

Planning – Knowing what course to create based on your Zone of Genius, what your Clients and Customers Really want from you, and what you are passionate about is imperative. Once you have that clarity, planning each piece of your course or program is essential. We cover every aspect of creating a clear plan for your course or program from topics that sell, to excellent names, to types of courses, pricing, and course delivery methods. With a great plan in place you are ready for production.

Production – Putting together your course is easier than you think when you do it with simplicity in mind. We cover everything from graphics and copy to recording and design. Everything you need to produce a stunning, professional course or a course that is part of a larger program that will be both effective and easy for you to create. Don’t worry, I will walk you through every process you need.

Launch – Once your course or program is all set up technically, we work together to create a Landing Page that works to create registrations for your course. We work together to get you video testimonials that really work. We work together to write and produce your autoresponders and any bonuses you want to include.

Marketing – When your program is launched, we work on driving traffic to your course or program by learning modern marketing methods that work. You learn how to write marketing emails, market your new offering to your established customers, market on social media both organically and with ads to find new customers, and you learn how to engage your audience so that they are excited to be with you and to engage with your content.

The Accelerated Launch Lab Has Everything You Need To Ensure Your Success as a Course Creator.

Prerecorded Training

Training videos on each subject so you can reference them any time you like.

LIVE Training

Weekly 1-hour training meetings filled with specific information you need to succeed.


Weekly Half Hour Live Q&A session to answer any questions that come up while you are working on your course.

Weekly Co-Working

Sessions are 2.0 hours to support you in creating the time to succeed at Course Creation.

Daily Action Planner Workbook

Specific Daily actions and details to keep you on track to creating your course.

Instructional “over the shoulder” videos

All the technology pieces guiding you step by step through each process.

Private Facebook Group

Group interaction and community, questions, feedback, and course posts to remind you of your daily task.

Continuous Access

To your student portal and the Facebook Group long after our course is over to keep you moving forward.

Your Program Launched

When you complete your course and have it up and running, you will be featured in the Guide Post Newseltter to support your marketing.


Bonus #1 
How to Create Excellent Testimonials for your Course or Program Course.

Learn the ins and outs of creating powerful testimonials for your course or program. This course includes, what questions to ask, who to ask, email requests swipe files and so much more.

Full Enrollment Script for your Courses and Programs.

There are those potential course participants who really need to speak with someone before deciding to enroll. When you do speak with them, this Enrollment Script is perfect for the non-sales approach to registering the people you speak with.

Using a Facebook Group for Marketing Checklist

This check list gives you a step by step process to be able to create, maintain and monetize a Facebook Group by building an enthusiastic, receptive audience for your course.

Complete set of Swipe Files for Your Course Emails

This is a complete set of my personal swipe files for you to communicate with your course participants while they are taking your course.

Bonus #5
Complete set of Swipe Files for Marketing

This is a complete set of my personal swipe files for you to market your course or program to your existing e-mail list.

Bonus #6
Strategic Attraction Planning Bonus Session

This 1.5 hour live training complements the practical marketing processes you will learn during our time together in the Accelerated Course Launch Lab. At the end of our course as we dive into using the Law of Attraction to Market your Program.

Hey! I'm Jille Bartolome, a Successful ICF Master Coach, Coach Trainer, Mentor Coach and Course Creator and when you register for the Accelerated Course Launch Lab, I am your guide and coach to creating your dream of an online course.

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During the current global economic health and humanity crisis we find ourselves in, I am discounting this program and giving extended payment plans to make it easier for you to participate.

Pricing options

Regular Price: $1997.00

$1397.00 – The World is Crazy Right Now Price (Through July 2021)

Please take advantage of this while you can. My “want for” for you is to have a course that can subsist you and your family while we go through easily one of the most difficult points in history.

Work with me to get it done!!!

Full Payment Option

2 Payment Plan
2 monthly payments of $725.00

3 Payment Plan
3 monthly payments of $495.00

6 Payment Plan
6 monthly payments of $250.00

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the LIVE Training Classes?

We will meet each week for one hour for training at the following times and dates.

Live Session Dates:
Session 1 – Wednesday, March 17th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 2 – Wednesday, March 24th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 3 - Wednesday, March 31st at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 4 - Wednesday, April 7th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 5 - Wednesday, April 14th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 6 – Wednesday, April 21st at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 7 - Wednesday, April 28th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 8 – Wednesday, May 5th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 9 - Wednesday, May 12th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 10 - Wednesday, May 19th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 11 - Wednesday, May 26th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 12 - Wednesday, June 2nd at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 13 - Wednesday, June 9th at 3 p.m. eastern
Session 14 – Wednesday, June 16th at at 3 p.m. eastern

Wednesday – June 23rd at 3p.m.m eastern for 1.5 hours

When are the LIVE Q&A and CO-Working Sessions?

Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

LIVE Q&A and COWORKING combined is 2 .5 hours at the following dates & times:
Session 1 – Friday, March 19th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 2 – Friday, March 26th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 3 - Friday, April 2nd at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 4 - Friday, April 9th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 5 - Friday, April 16th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 6 – Friday, April 23rd at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 7 - Friday, April 30th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 8 – Friday, May 7th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 9 – Friday, May 14th 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 10 - Friday, May 21st at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 11 - Friday, May 28th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 12 - Friday, June 4th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 13 – Friday, June 11th at 9:30 a.m. eastern
Session 14 – Friday, June 18th at 9:30 a.m. eastern

Join us for our first Week March 17th.