About Geddy's Gambit

All Geddy Starheart wanted was to get out of the game. Cash in his chips and stop running product for the infamous Double A auction. But when a routine trip dangles that very opportunity, one question remains: What’s the catch?

It was supposed to be a routine job. Pick up the artifact on Ceonus and bring it back to his boss on Kigantu. In, out, done, as easy as making love. But the seller, an eccentric trillionaire with a dark soul, inconveniently died while he was en route. Now he’s got to convince with the guy’s weird, clueless stepson to honor the deal.

When a stranger makes a proposal that would let him walk away for good, he's never been more tempted. But to get to the bottom of it, he must be willing to betray some very powerful people — and survive one insane night on the town.

Geddy's Gambit is a prequel tale for Reassembly, C.P. James' new and seriously funny space opera series. Fans of grown-up sci-fi humor like Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, Galaxy Quest, and The Orville will love this fresh, irreverent, noirish take on the genre.


Rocket Repo

Stuck on a dead planet with an alien in his head, ace pilot Geddy Starheart must come out of retirement to save the universe from the Zelnads. Better get his ship together.

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Trawler Trash

Floating in a sentient space-balloon with his pants around his ankles, Geddy watched a competing salvage trawler swallow his priceless ship. Could it get any worse? Most definitely.

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Ship Show

Coming early 2022

About the Author

C.P. James

I am a writer of speculative fiction working hard to make my lifelong dream a reality: a career as an author. I live by the sea in Manta, Ecuador.

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