About The Technician

It's 2164. Dome Six has been cut off from the outside world for decades. Daisuke Yamamura, a technician, fears its crumbling infrastructure won't protect them from the Burn for much longer. An unusual work order takes him deep into the bowels of the Dome, where he learns a shocking truth. But when a synthetic organism erases his memory of the job, he becomes determined to learn where he went and why.

The Cytocorp Saga

Dome Six

While probing a mystery, a young Technician and his off-kilter uncle uncover a decades-old conspiracy that not only changes everything they know about the past, but also may point the way to their future.

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Into the Burn

The lives of an exiled biomodder, a mysterious militia, and a group of refugees collide as they fight to break Cytocorp’s stranglehold on humanity.

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Out of the Seam

As Cytocorp’s dark vision for the future draws near, a group of rebels makes its final, desperate play to save the world from enslavement.

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About The Cytocorp Saga

The reckoning we all knew was coming had arrived, but only Cytocorp had a plan. It had three phases.


A century ago, the environment’s decline accelerated. Antibiotics stopped working. Heat and drought forced billions northward.

From the ashes rose Cytocorp, the only company with the power to secure the country's future. The Dome Project would protect America’s best and brightest from the looming apocalypse. Eight self-contained cities, each home to 100,000 souls.

Inside, they would work together as one. By monitoring human behavior under strict controls, algorithms would optimize daily life. Every decision, from when you eat to what job you should do, would be made by AI.

Predictive modeling said it would take a century for Earth’s recovery to begin. By then, Dome society would have evolved into the best possible version of itself.


Once people left the Domes, they would re-establish order. They would work the land and start families. By and by, a new society would grow and flourish.

In the end, the key to humanity’s salvation would be to study itself in silence. It would be saved, of all things, by data.


In time, the seeds of this new society would spread far and wide. Trade would be established. Roads and bridges would be built. Armed with the lessons of the past, a new world would take root.

It was a good story. A hopeful story. And now, a century later, the citizens of Dome Six are about to learn whether any of it was actually true.

About the Author

C.P. James

I am a writer of speculative fiction working hard to make my lifelong dream a reality: a career as an author. I live in sunny Bend, OR with my wife, romance novelist Amy Pinkston. In my spare time, I'm a competitive amateur golfer who loves just about anything outdoors except movies and writing, which, as you know, are traditionally done indoors. Much like everything else these days ...

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