Crash Course in Crochet

Grab yourself a hook and some yarn and join me over 4 evenings to create your own bunting.

Ever wondered if crochet is for you? This 4 day challenge is the perfect way to find out!

I'm Martha Kilner and discovered crochet in my 30s (now nearly I'm 42, shh!). I have been teaching crochet since 2015 both online and in person.

It was only after I started to crochet that I discovered it was more than just a pastime or hobby and found the unexpected benefit of reducing anxiety and switching off my over-active mind in addition to making beautiful things.

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But I'm a complete beginner!

Don't worry, my courses are aimed at the complete beginner. If you have never held a hook and yarn before, this is the place for you. Here is what you will learn over the 4 days live in my Crochet Community Facebook Group (don't worry if you can't join me live, you can watch the replay):

What will I need to take part?

A hook, yarn and darning needle is all you need. You can use all one colour or your can splash out and buy a few colours. You can use yarn you already have or can borrow. Crochet doesn't need to be an expensive hobby and can suit most budgets.

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This is a good beginner kit that won't break the bank (click on each to find out more):

To use the hook and yarn pictured above, this is what to buy:

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