Transformative twelve-week online program 

 3 x four-week modules

with personal productivity expert 

Zeyda Broers

First module is starting soon!

Do you want to build

a life and a business

that you enjoy?

You are working for yourself  for more than 2 years 

Struggling to create tangible results with your business

➤Overwhelmed with all that should be done

And you know you will have better results if you just had the right structure and focus?

You are not alone!

My clients are often  entrepreneurs, seeking for  a  productive workflow”,  when they come to me.

They have worked years in the corporate or academic world.

They had good careers; they are experts in their fields, they know how to achieve results and get things done. 💪🏻

But once you start for yourself,

You are not only out of the structure that you are used to, 🤷‍♀️

Also, now you are everything for your company! 😊

The CEO, the managerthe designerthe worker, and the marketeer, all for the price of one. 🦹‍♀️

It becomes so easy to get lost in the new-found-land of working for yourself. 🧐

New ways of working, unique constraints, new possibilities, new rules, new opportunities, new challenges! 😇

It takes a lot of effort to adapt to such a new situation.🦋

There is so much to be done, from your website and social media to making client calls, from marketing content and creating webinars to doing the "actual" paid work.

Too many pans on the stove, some overburned, some undercooked.

The clock is ticking, and you need to start seeing the results, like creating a good turnover. ⏱️

It is starting to become frustrating, and you think you can use some help.

You are ready to do the work, but you know that you need more structurefocus, and the right prioritizing.

You want a solution, structure, a system that you can adapt to your personal needs.

Did you say yes to most of the above statements?

Then you will benefit a lot from following this course.👇🏻

Create your productive flow, 

and achieve your goals

with focuspeace, and joy."

Then, you are at the right place!

You are ready. You are enough.

At this very moment, there are people out there waiting for you to be finally ready to shine!

It’s time for you to see the results of your hard work and your expertise.

You can remove the barriers standing in your way if you join me in my coming course.👇🏻

Here’s what happens inside this course:

You transform from the crazy maker into the C.E.O. of your life.

In the first 12 weeks, you double your productivity during this course.

➤Then, you finish with a clear action plan.

➤And you will be ready to multiply your results in the next six months.

Step by step:

➤The first step is to set up the foundations of your productivity system.

➤In the first module, you learn how to use a simple framework and a weekly ritual to create clarity, overview, focus on-demand.

The following two modules are about increasing your productivity and well-being.

Learning and applying methods to approach work and life proactively makes you start working with more peace and confidence.

➤Finally, you create a clear action plan for the three following months, and you finish the course knowing precisely what to do next.


Before & After

The "before":

  • A very creative but distracted mind
  • Disorganized, working without a structure
  • Procrastinating on the things that will make a positive difference in your life
  • You feel unconfident, overworked, and/or trapped
  • Working hard but not getting the important stuff done
  • You are exhausted at the end of the day, but your hard effort is not creating work results/or income
  • Every day you take on is a new challenge, and it feels like each day, you are reinventing the wheel
  • Unsure of what to do next
  • Feeling lost or overwhelmed much of the time
  • Not moving forward
  • Stuck in “having to know it all” or “having to do it all.”
  • Reacting to situations rather than creating them
  • Have a hard time focusing, easily hijacked
  • Swimming in your to-do lists or no list at all
  • Working in isolation
  • Trying to figure things out without support
  • May be reading various articles or books on how to change your behavior but cannot do it on your own so far

The "after"

  • You have a new productive mindset.
  • You are clear on your short-term and some of your long-term goals.
  • You have clarity on what to do.
  • You are ready to create quick wins and results.
  • In small & straightforward steps, you create clarity and overview to become unstoppably productive towards your goals.
  • You say goodbye to fire fighting days. Your days start with clarity. You know how to deal with distractions.
  • You have built the foundations of your productivity system.
  • You know how to work with some simple project management tools to create an actionable plan.
  • You know how to manage better your attention and focus.
  • You know how to incorporate energy management basics into your daily planning to live more in tune with your natural energy levels.
  • You are better with time management, and you get better returns for your time.
  • You create with joy, and you know how to manage your creativity.
  • You never miss important events or deadlines or get caught unprepared anymore.

    What is all this about?

    Program Overview

    What’s In The Program:

    • Weekly live video classes with Zeyda
    • Weekly Group Calls/Q&A/Focus sessions with Zeyda
    • Group support and accountability
    • Homework assignments + workbooks
    • Results of my +10000 hours work, research, and experimentation in the field of personal productivity
    • A guaranteed system that works
    • Detailed, step by step "what to-dos and how-tos" to help you set up and run your system
    • Professional guidance
    • Recommendations for further inspiration, reading, research, productivity tools, techniques, and hacks

    The how:

    • A clear strategy
    • A practical method/framework
    • A new mindset
    • The theory and the practice, by both learning and doing
    • Step by step
    • Together vs. on your own
    • With the power of group support and accountability
    • Personalized approach to your needs

    The 4 pillars:

    • Clarity and Confidence
    • Focus and Overview
    • Control and Flow
    • Motivation and Action

      The Milestones:

      In these 12 weeks, you will get to

      • Design and implement your personal productivity system
      • Create a second brain: Set up your own -time, list & project- management systems
      • Declutter your mind and environment and eliminate your mental fog
      • Build your work structure
      • Design a personal week schedule
      • Become the boss of your week before it starts
      • Make significant positive changes in your focus and organization
      • Craft the best well-thought, to the point to-do lists
      • Have more confidence in your choices
      • Reduce stress and anxiety
      • Feel more energy and aliveness
      • Know yourself and your energy levels better
      • Recognize your priorities
      • Set your goals
      • Create your plans and projects
      • Track your commitments
      • Create motion and get into action
      • Start to create the results you want

      What will we do together?

      Part 1:

      The Course


      Part 2:

       Coaching and Q&A

      Part 3:

      Co-Working Sessions

      Part 1: The Course

      In 3 modules, with step-by-step guidance, over 12 weeks, Zeyda walks you through building the fundamentals of a productivity system of your own.

      There are weekly masterclasses and these classes are focused on learning new productive habits,

      Not to give you only information, but by the end of each class, you'll have implemented something new.

      This system will become your turbo engine soon, working towards the things you truly desire; the impact, success, and (financial) freedom you want to create.

      ➤In fact, you aren’t just taking a course, 

      ➤You are actively building a personal productivity system that will allow you to work smarter while living a balanced, joyful life.

      Part 2:  Guided Weekly Review and Q&A 

      There is a lot of great information to help you.

      But I also know you want more than information only.

      You might already know a lot about time management and productivity and still struggle with implementing and executing.

      Have no fear, I got you. 

      Weekly, you're invited to a group call with Zeyda.

      This is where we do through a guided weekly review.

      Afterwards we discuss the questions and challenges that are brought in for help.

      We look into the how to's about strategy, developing new mindset, learning from each other and looking for ways to overcome any challenges any of you may be facing in using your new system.

      Part 3: Co-Working Focus Sessions

        Once in 2 weeks, you're invited to a co-working session.

        We start with a round of Coffee chat.

        • Get your weekly dose of support and inspiration.
        • Surround yourself with others who are committed to building a sustainable business, making an impact, and living a fantastic lifestyle
        • Connect with like-minded business owners who are experts in their field

        followed by the Focus & Productivity session

        • We are wired to do things together. 
        • Focused co-working and co-creation meetings on Zoom.
        • The goal is doing focus work, with each one of us finishing and ticking off something important during the session

        "Knowing is not enough, we must apply. 

        Willing is not enough, we must do!”

        - Bruce Lee

        The returns on your investment:

        By the end of 12 weeks, you will have:

        • Crafted, tested and practiced a more productive way of working for yourself
        • Learned how to create a second brain and run your own "operating system"
        • Created a new mindset, positive habits, and rituals
        • Started a change towards a healthier life and have peace of mind
        • Learned mindful methods to save your precious time and energy
        • Gained resourceful habits to support your productive workflow
        • Set yourself goals
        • Created focus to achieve more results with more clarity and less stress
        • Got things going, moving, and done!
        • Increased your confidence and clarity as you completed your milestones
        • Started to create results with your business and are ready to do a lot more.

            Your takeaways:

            You know how to create clarity, overview, and priority on-demand.

            You know how to work with less stress for more results.

            You doubled your productivity levels during the course in the first three months.

            ➤You have a clear action plan -for the three months following the course.

            ➤You have the necessary tools to multiply your results in the following 6-12 months.

            My message often resonates with highly ambitious professionals 😊

            Whatever your chosen field, you want to be better at it.

            You invest in acquiring new credentials, attending conferences, getting additional degrees, investing in mentoring, subscribing to trade journals, acquiring better tools.

            Doesn’t it also make sense to invest in your productivity skills— something that will improve your performance -no matter what field you’re in or what you are working on-?

            What do others say about my courses?

            COMING SOON