If you feel stuck in your career or don't love your job, are underpaid or unrecognized at work....

Stop thinking that working harder will get you further. Thing is, you have someone else's dream job, so go get yours!

Make A Change

Build Your Ideal Position

...and you will create a career that is custom to YOU. No two people will perform any job the same way. So learn to highlight your unique value add in a way that will naturally align with your next Ideal Position—be that a role within a company you are already familiar with or have worked with in the past, an industry you have been wanting to break into, or a role that might not even exist yet!


Start Right Now

In this FREE exersice I will walk you through just how to Focus in on YOUR Career!

Because in order to make a CHANGE in your CAREER.

  • Do you know what you'd rather be doing?
  • Do you know how to target that position?
  • Do you know how to negotiate a good salary for that role?
  • Do you know how to translate your skills to convince someone to hire you?

There is comfort in the known, and sometimes you just keep on keeping on because change is hard.

But you are here to make a CHANGE in your CAREER!

So stop wondering when your day will come, and start with what you can do right NOW to begin that CAREER CHANGE you’ve been seeking!

✔ Find out what is holding you back from career advancement

✔ See what to focus on to improve your career

✔ Learn how to start making that happen!


✔ Do you want to feel EXCITED to go to work, yet have plenty of time for your personal LIFE?

✔ Are you TOO BUSY to find something else, so just stay where you are?


✔ Are you UNDERPAID and not making the current market rate, or are UNSURE how much that even is?

✔ Do you want to EARN what you're WORTH?

✔ Can you not AFFORD any gap in employment, so cling to the job you have?


✔ Do you want to be enabled to use your unique skills and interests to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world?


✔ Are you still struggling to ADVANCE in your career? Have you even been told you are OVERQUALIFIED for a role, yet are never offered a higher position?

✔ Do you feel that you work HARDER than many of your coworkers, only to see them advance?

✔ Do you want more opportunities to continue to GROW and DEVELOP?

✔ Do you KNOW you are NOT in the right role, but unsure how to make a change?

✔ Have you been thinking about making a CHANGE for a while, but just don't know HOW to make it happen?

✔ Are you not at the level you want to be at, so continue to feel STUCK and UNFULFILLED?

✔ Have you been trying your best, but it just doesn't seem to get you anywhere NEW?

✔ Do you feel INVESTED in your current career path, and don't want to START OVER, even though you know you are not happy?


Get clear on your next career move


Once you know where you want to go, build a plan to get there


Tactical guides to execute your next steps

About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Chantel

As a freelance, corporate, high-tech, business consultant, MBA and Founder of Harmonious Work Life, I have built and rebuilt my career over the years, because I knew I had to create my own path.

When I figured out exactly how to showcase my strengths in a competitive job market, I had employers chasing me, and I knew I could teach others to do the same...

Which is why I started Harmonious Work Life. 

Harmonious means having the parts agreeably related, rather than chasing the myth that you can have it all, when all that gets you is burnout. 

I now help others to clarify their career goals and take the action necessary to achieve them, because I truly believe you need to enjoy your work and lead a fulfilling life!

It's your turn!

Come, create your Harmony...


What you'll learn


Who you are and where you're at

Ever question why you are not where you want to be in your career?​

The first section of the course starts there. Unpack and uncover those aspects that are holding you back, and those that can lift you up...if only you understood them better!

✔Understand how you are showing up

✔ Learn to speak to your intrinsic qualities

✔ Get to know your core values, personality and preferences


Qualify your searches and understand job postings

Now take that thorough self-knowledge to target positions that will be an ideal fit.

This isn't the first time you are searching for a job, but the tools taught in this section will guide you towards new possibilities and then focus your efforts for success.

✔ ​Target your search to meet your criteria: be that salary goals or flexibility in your schedule.​


Craft a targeted resume

Building off the foundational work of the last two sections, tailor your resume for your Ideal Position.

✔ Learn about how to brand, design and format your resume to stand out.
✔ Compile and maintain a portfolio of work that can easily translate into your next career goal.

I guide you through every section of a resume in detail so you know you've got it covered.


Interview with ease

Walk into the interview secure in knowing it is a good fit. Lead from a place of comfort and ease; able to focus on creating a real connection with your soon-to-be co-workers.

✔ ​Know how to prepare, be present and follow up. 

Take the guesswork and ego out of the interview process. Get what YOU need out of it.


Build a lasting network

You'll no longer feel lack-luster about building a network when you are doing so from a sincere place.

Connect with people because you want to, not because you feel you need to and watch the new possibilities unfold!

✔ This section includes strategies for both online and in-person connection, all with sincerity and ease.


Even more help along the way

At every stage in this transformational process, we can touch base to ensure you are successful in Building YOUR Ideal Position.

Becasue I'm not saying it's easy or obvious. If that were the case, you wouldn't be looking to make a change.

Don't stay stuck in what you are doing. Get perspective, and get on creating YOUR career. You just don't know what you don't know, or even how to ask about it. So let's speed up what could be a lengthy discovery process.

✔ I personally guide you along the way!


You can take my word for it, but I'd rather let my clients do the talking.

The best time to start was yesterday... The next best time is today. ​

Build Your Ideal Position

Here's why you need to
Build Your Ideal Position


We all wish that we ALREADY had a dream job that continued to unfold in an ideal direction. That we could learn, grow and continue down a path of success.​

But to get to that harmonious place, we need to take stock of where we are TODAY and resolve to take the actions that will get us to where we need to go. Otherwise, we self-sabotage and stagnate for yet another year. And since you're reading this,​

I absolutely don't want that for you.

I don't want you to look back 6 or even 12 months from now without a fulfilling career, wondering what could've been if you'd have only taken action.

I want you to start your workday with CONFIDENCE... proud of the position you created for yourself, knowing you are where you need to be right now. And I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today.

Because when you sign up to Build Your Ideal Position and start putting the five phases to work, your career will be designed by YOU, foryour ultimate happiness and success.


Becasue hey, it's really the only way to be.

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Build Your Ideal Position

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