Creating a New Year of Connection takes more than a "resolution."

It takes reflection,


and a goal setting process ...

to keep you focused

on being the mindful, conscious parent you want to be!

Download the workbook that leads you through it step by step.

Release 2017

New Years is the pause place in our busy lives.
Take a look back at 2017 to see what went well and your parenting wins.

Set Intention for 2018

Look forward into the year to come and set the intention for who you want to be and how you want to parent.

Create the space and intention to allow it to flow in.

The workbook also includes a releasing ritual for the year that’s been and an energy contract for the year to come, so it's more than a plan, it has energy and intention.

Christina Fletcher

Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and author.

Christina specializes in helping parents dive into a truer sense of Who They Really Are, establish tools in mindfulness and awareness, as well as build spiritual and self development within your family and home. For more information please visit her website,