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The problem...

You’re over it.

The lack of sleep, too much caffeine and junk food, feelings of anxiety and negativity, and the constant struggle to go all in on your wellness routine.

You’re ready for a transformation.

You’re committed to the process because your health, happiness, and good vibes are important to you.

The only problem is that you’re not sure what “the process” is exactly. 

And even if you did know, you’ve begun to suspect that your lack of commitment might just be a “you problem” after all.

The wrong idea...

I’m here to tell you that you’ve got the wrong idea.

The problem isn’t you.

The problem is a culture of influencers and gurus who have led you off your path.

Your body knows what it needs.

Your job is to create an environment where you can hear your body’s signals clearly.

Then you can start to make changes that make sense to you - i.e., intuitive wellness.


Because your path to health and wellness should be determined by YOU.

My story....

As a wellness warrior, I found that I was always hoping that the one guru’s fitness routine, the pretty influencer’s smoothie recipe, and the popular author’s inspirational book would help me finally get the results I wanted. 

But their methods never seemed to work for me.

Instead, I struggled for years with fluctuating weight, mood swings, and a list of head-to-toe health issues that I worried signaled the onset of “old age” at the ripe age of 30.

I also struggled to stay committed to the methods, the plans, and the processes that all promised amazing results but ultimately failed to deliver.

After tuning in to the principles of intuitive wellness, I realized that the problem with these methods was that *I* wasn’t being considered.

Instead, what I needed was...

  • a process that was developed for my unique needs and tendencies,
  • a process that acknowledged my lifestyle, as well as my resources, and
  • a process that created a body-mind environment where I could hear my intuition and my body’s signals clearly.

In other words, what I needed most a was a process that EMPOWERED me to be my own guru.

Seeing that other people were struggling in these same areas and having a strong desire to EMPOWER them as well, I was inspired to develop Creating Balance.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Megan, founder of Mayapple Health. I am an art-based health coach with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare and clinical research.

I help creatives on the path to intuitive wellness
 commit to healthy eating, self-care, and positive-thought practices.

I help you reach your goals through coaching supported by the pillars of effective goal-setting, therapeutic art, & mindfulness-based practices.

And I've been featured on the Kick Off Your Damn Heels podcast with Dr. Teralyn Farmer Sell, as well as in Lynette Duncan's online course portal.

I know what it feels like... the confusion about what steps to take on your wellness journey.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling to transform my health and wellness too.

I know what it feels like to try other people’s methods and ultimately have them fail you.

I also know what it feels like to experience results from a process that is simply not sustainable.

But these days, I’m meeting my health and wellness goals with rituals that I designed for myself.

 I wake up rested and have enough energy to power through my day.

I’m no longer controlled by sugar and caffeine cravings.

I feel more present, grounded, and positive.

And I’m finally satisified with where I am on my wellness journey.

So I've packed everything I learned into an intelligently-designed planner to help you experience the results for yourself.

Introducing "Creating Balance"

A step-by-step mindful journaling and art-based planner designed for creatives who want to transform their health and commit to an intuitive wellness lifestyle.

Creating Balance helps you clear away the static of a hectic lifestyle by introducing you to the most effective changes you can make to reset your body-mind environment and keeps you focused on your wellness goals with planner pages designed to work with your habit-forming style and creative mind.

With mindful journaling prompts to help you tune in to your own intuitive wisdom and art prompts to help motivate you towards your goals, you will gain more clarity about the changes that are meaningful to you, stay committed to your wellness rituals, and make progress towards your health and wellness goals.

Designed to be used for +52 weeks, Creating Balance is the planner you need this year.

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What's Included?

  • You’ll tune in to your own intuitive wisdom through mindful journaling  and art-based prompts that make your path to wellness clear and keep you motivated.
  • You’ll learn timeless information about specific mind-body areas and how to make changes that result in a domino effect - making wellness easier to achieve over time.
  • And you’ll track your progress in all individual and connected wellness areas, to help you understand the impact of your effort.
  • You’ll be introduced to the basics of habit-forming styles, so that you develop wellness rituals that are aligned to your unique tendencies.
  • You’ll learn about the most effective goal-setting techniques, so that you can sustain your efforts over the long haul.
  • And you’ll be able to keep track of your wellness rituals, as well as continue exploring through mindful journaling and art in +52 creative planner pages.

What You'll Discover

  • By learning how to tune in to your body’s signals and creating an environment where those signals are clear, you’ll be able to achieve your wellness goals more easily.
  • By exploring areas where you’ll be making change through journaling, you’ll gain clarity on what’s been holding you back, as well as develop an understanding of what you want to move towards.
  • By opening up with art, you’ll have an opportunity to express what is unseen and dive even deeper into your own intuitive knowledge and clarity.

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    In other words, I can't provide a refund just because you changed your mind.

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