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Right now there is crazy, scary and unprecedented news all around us. BUT, there are always stories on the flip side-stories of incredible innovation, of human selflessness, of strangers helping strangers.

Using the notion that ‘what we focus on expands’ as the foundation, I’m doing an experiment of sorts. What if I focus on the incredible creativity and humanitarian stories?

Yes, we can check the headlines to be informed about precautions about COVID-19, when and where to safely shop for groceries, how to keep ourselves safe and how to help our communities-we all need to be well-informed by credible sources.

But what if we put our focus onto the courage, the incredible innovation and humanitarian aid that is evolving as a result of the pandemic?

This was the thought that spurred me to create a newsletter.

It’s completely free and it’s an experiment of sorts; to see if what I focus on will expand. In other words, will sharing stories (and you know how I love stories!) of creativity in the face of COVID-19, inspire others to innovate for the greater good, to share those stories and help others to focus on what they want to expand?

Join me and we shall see!

I’m naming this the Creative Courant for it’s purpose of capturing journalistic stories from credible news sources that recount powerful creativity and innovation for the greater good. There are wonderful stories out there so let’s focus on those while we stay home, stay safe and help our communities. 

Also, I like the play on words in the notion that if we can tap into all the creative currents flowing in our societies during this crisis, we can witness a monumental shift.

All you need to do is sign up with your name and e-mail and I will send several stories each week about the power of the human spirit and creativity. Let’s focus on that and help it expand.

Let’s do this!

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