How to teach grammar creatively to adults / teens?

Various cities in Poland!

Kraków, 7th December 2019


Do you often lack grammar materials to use in the classroom or don’t have enough time to look for new ones?

Are you looking for ready-made board games  / games / materials that you can simply take to the classroom and use?

Do you teach adults / teens?

If your answer is YES then this training is for you!

  • 5 intensive hours

  • 98 Imaginarium cards (imported from Russia just for the training! Cards unavailable in Poland!)

  • a 40-page booklet with my games that can be used with different levels / groups

  • +70 ready-made games / boards / ideas / lessons

  • a certificate

  • Prizes / discount codes for various publishing houses

  • Tea / coffee / sweets
  1. The training is mainly aimed at English Teachers  (or other Language teachers with at least a B1+ understanding of English)

  2. The materials / games / ideas can be used with adult learners and or teenagers.

  3. The Imaginarium Cards are brilliant for teaching adults, provoking discussions, boosting creativity. As they have more details than traditional Dixit cards (and they are created for adults)  you can use them in multiple ways and with different levels. Each card is a little bit different, there are multiple themes and topics. Some are dark, funny, slightly sexist, a lot are fairy-talish, many post-apocaliptic etc. 

Session 1:  Booklet, brainstorming, playing some of the games  | 90 min

Session 2:  Booklet continued. Detailed analysis of IMAGINARIUM card games, brainstorming | 90min

Session 3: Imaginarium continued. | 90 min

Click on the cards below to read more about the training

Kasia Warszynska aka "grammar tarantino"

Business English Trainer and General English Trainer with more than 9 years of teaching experience.  Gained experience in Poland and abroad. Taught for two years in Moscow, Russia and a year in a half in Milton Keynes College, UK. 

Passed CELTA - grade A.  Got two "outstanding"  grades during OFSTED observations while teaching in the UK.

Has been travelling around Poland with her signature workshops for  more than a year now. Trained more than 100 teachers face to face and more than 150 in her online webinar.

Speaker at prestigious conferences and events:

PASE (May 2018),
BEsig (May 2018), 
4th Teacher's Convention (July 2018),
IATEFL Poland (September 2018),
31st BEsig Romania (November 2018)
BESIG Poland (May 2019),
ELTAF Conference in Frankfurt (June 2019)

IATEFL POLAND Gdansk (September 2019)

32nd BEsig BERLIN (October 2019)

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