A relaxed, joyful and lovely way of getting out of your head and into your creative flow. New ideas, spending some time together, and getting inspired. A little gift from me to you. 

What will we do?

Day 1

Art Journaling / vision boarding

A fun, hands-on workshop. Rekindle your creativity within, enjoy just being in the moment, or visualise where you are heading next. 

Day 2

Creative writing

Bring out your unique story. Feel free to put your thoughts into words. Finally start that autobiography or novel, or dream up some fresh content ideas for your biz.

Day 3

Art excursions

I am going to share with you some fabulous, simple ideas for creative excursions you could do yourself or with your family this Summer, and then I will take you on a virtual street art tour of Valencia!

You will receive further instructions and links upon registration.

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