What clients are saying about My Credit Bridge


Client Review

“My Credit Bridge has removed several items from my report and my score has gone up tremendously in only 2 months”


Client Review

“My scores went from the 500’s up to the mid 600’s in 6 months and I was able to get the credit cards I wanted. I’m aiming to get in the 700’s.”


Client Review

“The process is simple and easy to follow. I couldn’t get a credit card before signing up for My Credit Bridge service and now I got approved for two cards.”

Founder of My Credit Bridge

Keith Allen

Keith Allen is the founder of My Credit Bridge, a credit repair company. With over a decade of experience in the credit repair industry, Keith has reviewed thousands of credit reports for consumers. 

 My Credit Bridge works with financial professionals and consumers across the country.

The company motto is “We Consult. Repair. Educate.” The company mission is to be “Your Bridge to a Better Life”.