Are you ready to feel empowered? Free from any-thing from your past? Abundant and open to love unconditionally?

Breathe Wide Open: releasing negative thoughts, beliefs, resentments, feelings of betrayal or loss of control. It is time to rewrite your story, replacing all that is stagnant and limiting, with new perspectives and tools that will raise your vibes and bring you to a place of self-love and inner peace.

Be ready to step into your new inner power and open space, physically and emotionally!

Join me online, December 15, 22, 29 at 7:00pm. Click the Button to register.

It's Absolutely  Free.

Here's only a few tips you can expect:

1. Gain insight and awareness to your own thought patterns.

2. Become clearer on ways you can be responsible for making positive changes in your life.

3. Learn tools to effectively build in positive habits and thinking in your day

4. Clear your inner clutter and open space for incredible experiences to come to you.

Breathe Wide Open: Exhale Negative Thoughts and Inhale Your Power to Feel Self-Love and Inner Freedom

Cristina’s combined experience, educationally, through her work with families as well as her own personal story of past trauma, has lead to her first published book, Breathe Wide Open: Exhale Your Negative Blocks and Rise Above, Inhaling Your Inner Power and Potential. Cristina has committed over two decades of service through her work to help strengthen children and families who have experienced family trauma and crisis.

Through her own life circumstances and a deeper awareness to harboured subtle resentments, she awakened to some of life’s deeper lessons and realizations that have not only been applied to her work, but also to the writing of Breathe Wide Open. She has discovered a way to use her own story, to support others on their own path of inner healing.

Breathe Wide Open captures Cristina’s most significant realizations that have cleared the negativity within her life, and also created new patterns of behaviour and mindset that has opened the portal to inner expansion, potential, self-love and overall well-being. Cristina’s journey is fearless, powerful and inspiring and sure to capture the attention of anyone seeking their own journey of healing and empowerment.

Cristina is starting out on her authorpreneur and entrepreneur journey as she designs workshops and coaching programs centered around Breathe Wide Open, helping people gain their own self-awareness, self-worth, inner peace and self-love - no matter the circumstances they may have endured.

Cristina is the proud mother of two beautiful children, who have been an integral part in teaching her some of life’s most precious moments.