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Tandy Sue Hogate

Alaska by Nature

"I felt like my whole business plan was a really good one but my head felt a bit like a blender running on full speed. Pamela helped me make sense of it all.  She is so good at taking a mess of ideas and untangling them -- giving direction and making sense of it all."

Jeff Thebado

Bear Paw Signs & Graphics

"Pam and her wealth of knowledge and advice are for sure an asset to any business.
She looks at the big picture; and helps you through the steps to achieve greater success.  I highly recommend Pam!"

Seth David

Nerd Enterprises Inc.

"Pamela is highly focused, passionate, and most importantly, she cares. If you are considering hiring her just do it. You will not be disappointed!"

About the author

Pamela Lewerenz, The Brick Wall Coach

Pamela is a business consultant that coaches ambitious, action-oriented Gen X entrepreneurs how to create a successful and sustainable business.  She does this through defining their clarity, strengthening their confidence, and focusing on the steps it takes to grow their business.  She offers 1-on-1, group, and specialized sessions.  You can find out more by visiting her website, The Brick Wall Coach.