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LGBTQIA+ themed artwork, products, merch, and books with themes of BDSM, tentacles, romance, and more!

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Blue Alien Tentacles with Black Background

Based off the aliens in MA Innes New Neighbors Series, these blue tentacles look great on socks, phone covers, mugs, coasters, blankets, and so much more!

My Cameron Book Cover - Alien/Human Love

The book cover for MA Innes book My Cameron looks beautiful as an art print, clock, tote bag, or notebook!

I need a Dom - BDSM Text Message

A quote from a Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes book displayed as a text message conversation is so fun on a tote bag, greeting card, sticker, shirt, and so much more!

About Cuites N Kink

Cuties N Kink is owned and created by USA Today Best-Selling Author Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes. Shaw writes gay romance novels about sweet subs, naughty boys in lace, sweet littles, feisty pups, tentacled Daddies...but most of all stories that show that love comes in all different flavors (sometimes with a dash of kink).

Cuties N Kink features artwork by Sarah Jo Chreene and Sage L Mattison. Utilizing quotes, imagery, kinks, romance tropes, and more based on the books by Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes.


Books by M.A. Innes are a bit more taboo, still sweet and sexy, but they involve kinks like age play (like the Pieces Series) and puppy play (like the Accidental Master Series), as well as more taboo topics like incest (like the Loving Series). 

Books by Shaw Montgomery are BDSM that don’t involve kinks. They have characters who love sexy lacy things (like the Leashes and Lace Series) and all sorts of BDSM (like the Romance and Revolutions Series). Check out her website to learn more. 

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