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Learn How To Start Your t-shirt Business In 4 Weeks Or Less?

You've been thinking about starting a t-shirt business for a while now, but you just didn't know how to get started.

In this 4 week masterclass, I will help you unravel the creative thoughts and focus on your target group and the kind of t-shirt you will provide.

After being in the t-shirt for over 10 years, I've learned no matter how much creativity and colors on your t-shirt and the countless number of days promoting that t-shirt, you will not get sell unless they have a connection to the message or design on the shirt that speaks for their inner voice or beliefs. 

I've sold many t-shirts and lost a few at the start of this business.

Back in 2008, when we first started the t-shirt business, I a creative moment and designed a shirt that said: " I Need A Bailout." Now, most of you remember the economic crash and the world was in economic turmoil. The government was bailing out businesses that were deemed " Too Big To Fail." Now, what the heck does that mean?

Overall the t-shirt business has been a great opportunity to show resilience and creativity and relationship building when knowing your target market.

If you've been thinking about a t-shirts business but didn't know where to start, let me show you how in our 4-week masterclass, I will share with you how it's done.

My passion for helping others started over 30 years ago when I knew that all I needed was a little help from someone who knew how to do it.

It's a great feeling when you see the look on someone's face after you've given them knowledge about something they've been wanting to know for so long. you want me to tell you what really happens? more thing I want to tell you.

Starting your t-shirt business starts with a good product, a tight marketing plan, and a tribe to make this go live. 

The t-shirt business is great for you or your teen and it can to help generate revenue to pay down debt and save for college tuition. 

Starting a home-based business just makes great sense and getting tax deductions at the same time is a Generational.

...but like any business, you must be willing to work during the holidays, weekends and birthday's to build your business... And especially during the start-up phase, it's going to take humility, dedication, self-motivation, creating, testing, and repeat.

Register today and let me share with you all that I know about starting and building your t-shirt business.

4 Week Class Description:

1. This package comes complete with all that you'll need to know about starting your t-shirt business. You will learn how to take your passion and turn it into a buyable fashion that will look good and generate revenues.

2. You'll learn the benefits of being legit and establishing yourself as an individual sole proprietor or corporation.

3. You will learn how to build a team that will help place your brand in front of your target audience and build multiple streams of products and services within your new company.

**BONUS you will receive 1 designer graphic **

In week 1 you will learn:

  • Why you want to start a t-shirt company in the first place:
  • What's your passion
  • What you need in order to get started with your T-shirt business

      In week 2 you will learn:

      • Who would wear your t-shirts: (Know your target market)
      • You Name It: Develop a SpecialTee name for your company
      • Applying for your EIN, establishing your LLC and trademark

      In week 3 you will learn:

      • Who's your ideal customer that wants to wear your t-shirts: (Know your target market cont.)
      • Develop a SpecialTee name for your company (cont.)
      • What you need in order to get started with your T-shirt business.
      • How to build your team and have a successful t-shirt company.

      In week 4 you will learn:

      • To print in house outsource
      • Develop a t-shirt that makes them want to buy.
      • Develop a logo that speaks to your brand message
      • Promote your T-shirt line to attract your ideal client using apps, your smiling face on social media, and content
      • Get your shirts to influencers that can promote and expand your market reach

      20% off Group discounts of 5 or more are available ($350 regular price)

      Let's Start Your T-shirt Business in 4 Weeks CLASS STARTS 5:30 PM PST Sundays"