Are you ready?

Ready to find some peacefulness in your life?

Ready to flatten the roller coaster of your emotions?

Ready to release the tension you seem to carry in your shoulders and your back all the time?

Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night going over everything that has happened the day before.

Maybe you can't sit down and relax because your mind is constantly busy with thoughts and to-dos.

Maybe you've had enough of feeling that your body is stiff and tense all time.



Imagine being able to sit down with a book or in front of the tv without your mind nagging you to get up and "do something useful"

Imagine being a calmer person and not letting the ups and downs of life get to you quite so much.

Imagine having a body that hurts less and feels more comfortable.

What will you get

3 days. 3 emails. 3 short practices.

A real transformation.           


Learn a quick and simple movement to release the stress that you have accumulated in your body.


Discover a breathing technique that will bring you into the present moment and help your busy mind to relax and allow you to relax.


Learn a quick and simple meditation that will help you transform your stress and anxiety.

Hi I'm Michèle,

I discovered yoga because of my anxiety. My GP suggested it and she was so right! It made a huge difference. I used to not be able to go through a day without feeling anxious about something, usually it was health related and would have me spend hours consulting Dr Google.

I discovered yoga 13 years ago and it changed my life.

Now, I am so much happier and calmer. I have also discovered that my anxiety had a lot to do with the level of constant stress in my body and my mind. I didn't have a buffer and any up and down from life would send me spiralling into anxiety. 

I have come to realise that releasing stress and learning to relax are fundamental in our physical and mental wellbeing.

My mission now is to help you release the stress that you accumulate in your day to day life (as we all do) through yoga and to help you relax so that you can become to peaceful and calm person that you'd love to be.