Being well at work changes everything.

Exercise is a powerful tool that helps take control of physical and mental health. An exercise program tailored to an individuals level of energy and ability can help to:

Keep or improve physical abilities

Improve balance and lower risk of falls or broken bones 

Improve blood flow and lower risk of blood clots

Improve self-­esteem

Lower risk of anxiety and depression

Reduce impact from side effects such as nausea and fatigue

Lower risk of heart disease and osteoporosis

Aid with sleep

Help prevent or improve cognitive symptoms

Help maintain a healthy weight

Regular exercise can improve your health and quality of life but it is important to develop an exercise program that is right for you. Your energy and fitness may be very different after treatment. Learn how to ACE your workout, and talk with a member of your health care team or physical therapist if you have questions or need additional advice on how to get started.

Stress is proven beyond doubt to make people ill, and evidence is increasing as to number of ailments and diseases caused by stress. Stress is now known to contribute to heart disease; it causes hypertension and high blood pressure, and impairs the immune system. Stress is also linked to strokes, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcers, diabetes, muscle and joint pain, miscarriage during pregnancy, allergies, alopecia and even premature tooth loss.

Nigel Webb - Chief Client Officer at Imparta

Working in Wellness and organisational Wellbeing I find 
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