Is your biz stuck in the Starting Zone?

Join me on an adventure to LEVEL-UP your biz so you can become an undefeatable BOSS!

You're gonna want a few more players with you for this one though. Enter the...

🌟 Level-Up Your Biz🌟

Whether you're just beginning your business, or are questioning your current path, this MASTERCLASS will help you find your map that will lead you to victory! All you have to do is take the first step - sign up!

The 3-day event will be held live January 16-18, 2021

That's cool and all, but what's inside?

Inside the Level-Up Your Biz - RAID PARTY you'll get a whole lootbag full of value! Here's what we'll be covering:

🎮 Day 1: How Astrology Can Help Your Biz

• what astrology is and how to create your natal chart
• intro to the planets and how they can help your biz
• how to create your own "character stats"

🎮 Day 2: Who Is Your Companion NPC?

• refresh of everything from Day 1
• intro to Companion NPCs, and how they can help
• tips and tricks on creating one for your biz

🎮 Day 3: BOSS BATTLE!! - What's Holding You Back?

• refresh on Day 1 and Day 2
• overview of critical parts in the natal chart
• where healing can be found in your chart
• how to work through fears, utilize your strengths, and unlock your Companion NPC so you can be undefeatable!

✨ BONUS!! ✨

Free mini biz tarot reading sent via email for all who stay to the end!

Does that sound awesome to you? Cool!

I'm still working behind the scenes to get this masterclass set up. Once you hit that button below you'll get a welcome email to join the Mystic Nerds Unite! Facebook group, where this masterclass will be held, and details on the times.

We kick off January 16th, 2021. Bring snacks!

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