Renata Lynn Clinical Herbalist

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Renata Lynn

I help women build a solid foundation of wellness while we work together to address their unique health concerns so they can live life with vibrance and vitality.

As a clinical herbalist, I consider myself your partner in achieving your highest state of health and wellness. I work with my clients as they learn how to listen to their bodies and support their own healing processes, sharing the knowledge and tools that continue to support them for a lifetime. My practice combines my education and experience in chemistry, nutrition, and clinical herbalism, a deep love of nature and plant medicines, and deep respect of the healing process to give my clients individualized support on their healing path.

Renata has a BS in Chemistry, MS in Therapeutic Herbalism, and a Post Masters Certificate in Clinical Herbalism. Her research on the healing properties of plants informs her private practice as a clinical herbalist with a focus on women’s health.