Starting a podcast can be rough.

Many Fail before 6 shows are recorded.

What readers are saying about this book

Justin Cancilliere

Host of Beyond Reason

"Podcasting is easy when you know how!"

David Perrodin, PhD

Host of Safety Doc Podcast

"This would have helped me when I started my show!"

Bryan M. Bowden

Host of Nobobume

"The Path to successful Podcasting is only steps away."

Kimberly Rackley

Fromer Podcaster

Practically everyone has thought of starting a podcast and if you are one of those individuals you will find valuable advice with "75 Questions To Ask Before You Get Started" from podcast master Jim Malliard.

Jon Mallard

Host of Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast

They tried to tell me how to do it "their way". I went another route and found great success. It starts with learning from more successful people than you. Read. This. Book.

Odd To Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast

Kat Ward

Host of Paranormal Heart

Jim's tips have made my podcast a success from day 1.

Paranormal Heart

About the author

Jim Malliard

I am known for conducting in-depth interviews with noted personalities who reveal little-known facts and results from current investigations of past events and headlines in the news.
Notable Guests: Ben Mezrich, Roger Stone, George Noory,
Jim Marrs, David Paulides, Jerome Corsi, Lolly Daskal, and more.

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