Have you dreamed about writing a novel? 

It wasn't long ago (okay, maybe it was longer ago than I want to admit), that I dreamed of being an author. I wanted to create and share stories that would touch people. I wanted to hold a book in my hands that I wrote. I wanted to be a published author.

I'd always loved writing. As a kid, I made books and even tried to write and illustrate my own mystery book. I started out strong but then got lost and never finished that book because I didn't have a solid grasp on my original idea, and I wasn't sure how to generate more ideas.

In high school, I LOVED my creative writing class and wanted to pursue writing in college. I ended up graduating with a bachelor's degree in Communications and then got married and started having babies.

But that writing desire just kept nagging me and nagging me. I kept thinking about writing books. 

My biggest problem? Finding an idea.

How could I come up with an idea? And once I had an idea, how could I use it to write a book? And if I had one good idea, would I ever have another one?

One day, my kids wanted to play a game with me. They started bringing in imaginary food and giving it to me to "eat." 

I was busy cleaning, but decided play along. When I asked for grasshopper pie, I was surprised when I heard the front door open and shut, so I went out to investigate.

Do you know what my kids were doing? They were in the front yard looking for real, live grasshoppers. Can you believe that? They were going to feed me a LIVE grasshopper!

And that's when it happened. An idea sparked and I wrote a children's picture book based on that experience.

You can do the same thing! You can write a story just like I did. 

The techniques I share aren't just for generating the main idea for your book, but will also help you generate ideas throughout your writing process.

I've used one or more of these techniques to help jumpstart my creativity even when I've written most of the book. 

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Once you learn these "tricks" you'll find yourself coming up with so many ideas you'll be amazed!

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Rebecca Talley