Do you feel like you don't know how to really dig into the Word?

This course has easy to follow, simple instructions to demystify the process of studying the Bible. I will walk you through five days of tools that anyone can use to study the Scripture. You will be able to take the tools I talk about and apply them in all of your personal Bible study.

Day 1

What is the difference between reading and studying?

We will begin to discover what it really means to study the Bible.

Day 2

Questions we need to ask when we study the Bible.

The most important skill you'll need to study the Bible... asking questions!

Day 3

Time to investigate

What do you do with all your questions? I'll show you the tools that you can use from your Study Bible to help you answer your questions.

Day 4

The Investigation Continues

Trouble shooting and what to do when you can't find the answers you are looking for.

Day 5

What next?

We will wrap up our study and look at what your next step can be.

Hi I'm Danell Steffen

I spent many years reading the Bible. I called it spending time in the Word. But when I heard a speaker talk about the text, it seemed like they could see things that somehow escaped my notice.

I wanted to spend time learning what the Bible says, but I didn't really know where to start. It seemed like really studying the Bible was something that only a pastor or famous speaker could do.

However, it bothered me. How was I supposed to truly obey the command to hide God's Word in my heart if i needed to wait until I heard a preacher preach a sermon on that passage before I could feel like I understood it?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to church and listen to your pastor. In fact as you study the Bible you will find the commands to do just that! I'm saying that you need to be looking for these truths on your own as well.

That is exactly why I wrote this course. So that you can learn to study the Bible in your own home, in just a few minutes a day.

That is exactly what you will get out of the How to Study Your Bible email course! Five days of step by step instruction in how to look deeper into the Scripture, find what the Bible is saying, and apply it to your life.

In This Course You Will Find:

Tools you Already Own

This course uses the optional tools of a Study Bible, Notebook and pens or colored pencils.

Clear Concise Lessons

Each lesson is designed to take 15 minutes or less.

Access to Me

You can easily email me at anytime to ask questions, clarify a lesson or get feedback on your ideas about the passage.

Who is the How to Study the Bible Email Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to:

  • Grow in their understanding of the Bible
  • Make the most of the Bible Study tools that come in their Bible
  • Desires to grow closer to God
  • Wants to put feet to their faith, but is not sure where to begin