Reading Packet

*Help Develop Reading skills in your child.

*Find the right books for your child.

*Enjoy reading together.

*Get your child to enjoy reading.

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What you’ll Get

*Strategies to incorporate reading every day

*Finger Rule to find the right reading level for your child.

*Know how to find the right book for your child that's not too hard.

*Reading Poem of Tips to Remember

*Reading Log 

Build a Love of Reading

It’s never too early to start reading together.  Storytime is a vital part of early childhood education. Daily reading helps teach fluency and helps build language.  Reading is a wonderful way to bond with your child. 

Meet the Author

Hello, I’m Rachel the founder of Explore Kid Talk. I’m a General and Special Education teacher who specializes in toddlers and early childhood. I’m a mom to two boys. Explore Kid Talk is a parent’s resource for children. This often includes activities, development and day to day with young children. It is my passion to give you tips and strategies to help with your day to day life with young children at home.