90 Toddler Activities that Cost under $10

*Keep your toddler busy.

* Release some energy.

*Learning and having fun at the same time. 

*Easy to implement with items you already have.

Get these toddler activities now. 

What you’ll Get

*Activities for every day

*Gross Motor Activities 

*Fine Motor Activities

*Activities you can do right at home, today.

*Minimal to no supplies needed.  Use what you have at home.

Release some Toddler Engery

Play needs to be a part of every day.  What we have to remember is that play is not a trivial activity but yet the way young children learn.  Toddlers learn through play.  

Young children are not made to sit still.  They need to move, play and learn at the same time.  The best way for toddlers and preschool children to learn is through play. 

Let's build and encourage learning through play.  Everything here you can do right at home with minimal supplies.  Build memories while your child is learning.