Have you ever?

  • Woken up feeling stiff and tired?
  • Wished you could start the day feeling fresh and energised?
  • Wondered how to ease into increasing your physical activity?

How would you feel if you could?

  • Learn 9 easy movements to help free up your stiff body.
  • Get primed for the day ahead in just 5 minutes.
  • Start a new habit that helps you feel better and eases you into being more active.

If that's you I can help...

Nice & easy new habit - 

9 moves to start the day feeling free and energised

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How does it work?

  • Simply complete the form below to start learning the moves for your nice and easy new habit. 
  • Every day for the next 9 days you'll receive an email from me with a video of each move. 
  • You'll learn the moves one at a time and build on the sequence each day. 
  • On day 10 I'll send a video with the complete sequence so I'll always be there as your guide if you need me. 
  • What you'll learn will serve you as an energising way to start each day and feel better. 
  • You'll feel motivated to increase your physical activity and your daily warm up will become your pre-exercise warm up!

What you will learn... 

How to refresh your mind and body in just 5 minutes – do it while the kettle boils!

My top 9 dynamic stretches – energising moves to start the day or warm up for a workout.

Master each move one at a time with a clear daily video demo straight to your inbox.

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About FiftyFitness and the trainer - Dr Kate Rowen

In a nutshell, I’m an educator. It’s what I was born to do and the common thread in what might seem a convoluted journey. Nursing was my first career. Then I decided to be a scientist and ultimately became a university chemistry lecturer. Now I’m a personal trainer.

FiftyFitness Vision

Empowering over 50s with knowledge and inspiration to embrace fitness, feel great and enjoy top quality of life now and forever.


Because I believe we can be over 50 and better than ever!

What people are saying about Kate... 

Kate’s insights and philosophy regarding exercise are powerful and life-changing, and I can’t recommend her programs highly enough.

Athena - Google review 

Kate's support, her knowledge about the body (I am learning a thing or two), and her enthusiasm as well as her encouragement while doing the exercises are awesome. Thank you Kate!

Jennifer - Google review

Kate is a friendly and enthusiastic trainer who listens to what your fitness goals are and helps you to achieve them in a fun and relaxed training environment. 

Tina - Google review

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