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These daily homeschool schedule templates are exactly what I use in our homeschool and they have been a life saver! If you need some structure to your homeschool and a plan, grab these - completely for free! 

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Do you need some templates to help you along with your daily homeschool schedule? I made these templates for our homeschool use this year and they've been a life saver!

Basically our schedule looks like this, with Brain Breaks sprinkled throughout and Morning Time each day (minus Monday):

Monday: Planning Day/Library Day - I plan meals, homeschool for the week, do the laundry, and go to the library. Mondays are 'light' homeschool days, but we do a few subjects. Homeschool is done by lunchtime. The kids read in their chapter books, pick a book from a digital library (such as Epic!), sometimes watch educational videos that coincide with what they're learning, or do their Reading Eggs lessons.

Tuesday - Thursday: Full-on School - Our "full" homeschool days. We have Brain Breaks a few times, recess breaks, Morning Time, and our subjects. I alternate History and Science.

Friday: Field Trip Day/Project Day - Another 'light' homeschool day since we might go on a field trip in the afternoon. A field trip is anything - nature walk, museum, park, walk around downtown, etc. If we don't go on a field trip, we usually have our arts & crafts on this day OR a hands-on project that fills the afternoon time in lieu of the field trip. This is also test day in many areas, so it's not full-blown lessons. Many lessons are shorter. Since we alternate History and Science T-Th, on Friday is a short lesson for one of the other one's second day. And because we stay home right now during COVID, we do a lot of virtual tours, which has been a WONDERFUL experience for us all!

So that's our weekly schedule in a nutshell. If you want these daily homeschool schedule templates, you can get them it here for free!

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