Practice Mindfulness Daily

Inspired by Dr. Megan Clapton of Mindful Therapy, this printable daily plan lets you map out how you'll take care of yourself by connecting with mind, body, spirit, and others. These connections are especially important during tough times to maintain your physical and emotional health. 

If it gives you a feeling of accomplishment, you can check items off, star, or stamp them when complete. And no worries if you skip days or use this tool on and off -- it's entirely for your benefit! â¤ï¸

Some examples:

Mind: Reading, taking a class, watching a documentary

Body: Walking, stretching, eating a nutritious meal

Spirit: Meditation, prayer, reading a spiritual text

Others: Quality time with family and friends (in person or virtually), writing a letter or texting

About Semi-Together

A podcast about having some of your life together, all of the time

Semi-Together is a podcast by sisters Melia Dicker & Gillian Burgess. We want to help you get it together as we get it together – taking steps toward our goals, celebrating little victories, and learning to take the kind of advice that we’d give a friend. 

We hope you'll listen and reach out to us anytime!

💕 Melia & Gill