What this printable will help you do

End the day on a high note

Analyse what didn't work, and celebrate your achievements. 

Relax after work & sleep better

The after-work brain dump keeps you from worrying about work, when you're supposed to be off. Enjoy your evening and your beauty sleep instead!

Start every day with a plan

Know what tasks or projects you'll be tackling today - don't waste your time faffing around and "getting started"!

But... what IS this Daily Planning Toolkit? 

It's a tiny workbook to guide you through your daily "end of working day review". It includes 

  • A quick guide on how to use it
  • A Daily Questionaire to lead you through the process

You can either print it and answer the questions on paper - or use a notebook to create your own end-of-working-day ritual.

I promise this thing does wonders with your stress levels!

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