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"I believe that stories should do two things: entertain us, because life is short and we should enjoy what we consume, and challenge us, because life is short and we should find meaning in it."

Hear About it Day One

Cutting The Fat Off of Stories

It feels like too often great novels are hindered by unnecessary subplots meant to pad out the page count. I try my best with each story to cut out the fluff while retaining all the emotional punch.

Finding Originality

'Wow. That doesn't sound like anything I've ever read before.' That's the response I strive to get out of anyone when I describe what I'm writing. We all know that feeling we get when we stumble upon a story unlike anything we've ever experienced. It's an elusive sensation, but it's one I try to find with each new story I create.

Delving Into the Human Psyche

The psychological is what interests me. That line between reality and elusion; what we can see and what we cannot. I like to examine the moral questions that these two contrary things can raise, finding a space in which to explore the more unpleasant sides of our humanity without completely succumbing to nihilism.

'The author is not afraid to experiment and to play with different genres, trying to get the best out of them...' - Christopher Sworen, author of Snowflake

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